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Using Magnesium for Period Cramps: Does it Work and How

For women, it is never a good feeling to experience your monthly period. When it is that time of the month, you can expect a lot of pain in so little time. You are going to hold onto your tummy and panic a lot. Do not be surprised if it would lead you to a panic attack. As a result, you have no choice but to wait for it to end. We all know all good things come to an end somehow. You can’t blame yourself if you go to your doctor if the pain becomes a bit too much. That is when you should take a long look at your mirror and ponder whether everything is right or not. We know that experiencing the monthly visitor is normal. In fact, you should get a bit worried when you don’t get it or the other way around. As usual, you would benefit if you have friends who are doctors as they are just one call away. These days, we can also talk to Google and find out what would happen next.

These days, plenty of women are talking about using Magnesium for period cramps does it work and how? Believe it or not, some ladies refer to this ingredient as magic. It will not take you long to realize that it will work when you can expect it to. It is just too good to be true as you are right on track when it comes to doing something about it. As it turns out, you would want the pain to go away as soon as possible. This is where we come in as we dive deep down inside the wonders of the grand formula known as Magnesium.

How does it work

It is important to remember that scheduling an appointment with your doctor before putting anything in your body would always be a great idea. When that happens, you should tell the doctor about your family history and it won’t be long before you found out. All doctors will tell you that you should never really replace your eating habits with this pill. It is just meant to help you control the pain you are experiencing when it is the time of the month. Magnesium relaxes the muscles in your uterus. Also, it will prevent pain from occurring by clicking the right buttons. Yes, it is unlike anything you have ever seen before. The important thing is that it works and that is exactly what is going to happen here. When you have a lack of Magnesium in your body that will most likely lead to period cramps. For some women, there is a possibility that they won’t experience the cramps anymore. You just need to know when you would need to take it. Besides, your doctor will tell you when and you can even use an app in order to determine when your next period will be. If you are trying to get pregnant then that is an entirely different story as you will hope you would not get your period. However, when it shows up, you can’t help but try and try again.

Prevents Headaches

Believe it or not, studies show a lack of magnesium in your body can cause you to have a headache. Thus, it is important to raise the magnesium levels in your body to avoid having a headache. After that, you should do what is needed to prevent a problem like that from happening again. When we get a headache it is like it is impossible to do anything else in life. One of the reasons we need to take Magnesium is the fact that we are not getting enough from food alone. After all, you should do what is right and do things that will straighten it all out. You can not really assume those people who are fat have enough Magnesium and the other way around. It is like assuming these fat people don’t exercise but they do. The only problem is that they end up eating more. It is all about doing the right things when going on a diet which would be a lot more than you think. There will be times when you would think you are in good health right now but when you grow a bit old then it is a totally different story. Hence, you must watch what you eat all the time before everything is said and done.

Lots of Believers

Lots of doctors have tried and tested taking Magnesium for a ton of other reasons. The truth is it can only get better in due time. It was used to treat anxiety and that is something you should never overlook. When you have people who have a deep background that believes in Magnesium then you know you have something good going on here. It is like a showcase of what you have done in the past and it is going to turn out great. Some doctors admit that they would usually prescribe Magnesium supplements to those women who are having their period. They know they would want to play it safe one way or the other. When that happens, they should be letting it all out with regard to their frustration. What’s awesome about these supplements is that they contain a ton of other nutrients that will target other parts of your body. If you are pregnant or nursing then you must not even think about taking these supplements. As they say, it is all about reading what is stated on the label. When you agree with it then that would be fine. If not, there is always a next time.

Trial Period

At the start, doctors would recommend doing a trial run to see if Magnesium supplements are good for you. There will be times when you would not think it is good for you because you experience silly things. At that moment, it would be time to stop what you are doing and look for other options. That does not mean Magnesium is bad for you though. It just means your body won’t respond well to it. As a result, you can tell your doctor what happened so you can proceed with better things in life. The trial period would usually last a couple of weeks. After that, you should know what to do in terms of continuing with the supplement or not. There will be times when you will be tempted to stop but the best option would be to move forward and check what you can do with the given time. As usual, it is going to be all business. It would not really do you any harm when you could consult with the people who are close to you. Even if it is a trial period, you would still need to pay for the products so you would need to pay attention to what you have right now and get your money’s worth. The truth is these products are worth every penny you pay for them. There will be times when you could get them at a lower price though. When that happens, you should take full advantage of it. As they say, life is short so you must take advantage of every opportunity given to you. It is not all the time when you are given something like that. There are times when it is a bit off course but that is alright as long as you know what you are doing. If you know it is right for you and you can stay true to your heart then that will exactly happen.

Eat the Right Food

Other than taking Magnesium supplements, you must also eat the right food like spinach, okra, tamarind, and potatoes. Remember to always stay away from salty foods as those things won’t do anything but harmful things to you when the time is right. The last thing you would want to happen would be to suffer because you eat the wrong food so you’re technically not on a diet. Those who like going to supermarkets may want to look at pickled pear as a nice option. Besides, you would want nothing more than to enjoy the time you spend there. After all, you took a lot of time looking for a parking spot so you would want to make use of every single second you got. That means looking at all the products there and seeing what else they got for you when the time is right. Bran cereals is another nice thing to eat early in the morning. Those who don’t like rice will immediately be pleased to know that quinoa is also rich in magnesium. We all know that it is a healthier version of rice and you don’t have to worry too much about getting fat when you eat too much of it. You can combine it with the food that you grew to love. Cashews and almonds will also increase your magnesium levels so eat those things when it is snacking time. You can even turn these things into milks or even butter and you have yourself a dream combination. It would always be nice to take on these milks and see how they would taste. There are times when our curiosity would get the best of us. You can’t blame yourself for being a bit excited and there are many things you can do with your nut butters. One of them is making mashed potatoes and who does not like that? The best part is these nut butters don’t contain much cholesterol so you are doing your heart a favor.

Combat Cravings

It is normal to crave for chocolate when you are having your period. The bad news is that chocolate is pretty bad for your health. As a result, you should keep an eye on all the food that you put in your body. The truth is you are just craving for Magnesium. When you eat healthy foods that are rich in Magnesium then your cravings would immediately go away. The last thing you would want to happen during this time would be for your blood sugar to spike. It would be a lot better to eat healthy then do a cheat day every now and then. Besides, we only have one body so we must take good care of it as much as possible.

Boost Mood

Another way Magnesium can help us is to boost our mood. When we have our period, we can get into a bad mood. That is never good news for all the people around us especially if we scream at them all because of that pain. We would end up regretting those decisions that we made out of the blue. The truth is you could have done something about it but you were unable to. It is all about doing the right thing when someone would encourage you to do so.

In conclusion, learning something new, especially about period cramps would make anyone feel really good. In this scenario, it is really something you are not supposed to look forward to. In fact, you now know what to do when your period happens again next month. It is evident you don’t really need to worry about any form of side effects occurring as it is one of those things that would get you to admire the surroundings. Remember to always keep the Magnesium somewhere so that it won’t get lost. You can always look forward to a relaxed menstrual cycle. When that happens, you won’t have to be scared. You can think of it as an ally that is always there to help you fight your wars. You need to set a budget for this and take it daily or whenever needed. Of course, you cant really rely on it too much. As a result, taking too much of it can be bad for your health no matter how good the results are.

Pros and Cons of MSM Supplements For Acne

There’s no doubt that acne is a life-changing and extremely frustrating condition. And, it is widely characterized by the onset of redness, cysts, pustules, pimples, and blackheads. Typically found around the face area, acne can have a great impact on an individual’s self-esteem and confidence.

As a result, people who are suffering from this condition tend to seek new ways to cure the issue. And, that leads to experimentation with several kinds of creams and pills. Sometimes, the answer is a simple, natural solution. When it is to curing acne, a supplement called methylsulfonylmethane or MSM proves beneficial compared to other kinds of harsh chemical-induced creams.

Besides, MSM supplements are natural compounds that are inexpensive to make as well. In this post, you get to know about the advantages and disadvantages of MSM and other important facts.


A naturally occurring chemical compound, MSM is made up of oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, and carbon atoms. All these chemicals come together to form a class of chemicals called organosulfur. While MSM is produced in human bodies naturally, they are created in labs as well.

Lab-created MSM is used as a supplement and comes in combination with chondroitin and glucosamine. MSM plays an important role in curing a variety of health issues including inflammation, joint pain, and skin damage. Some of the benefits of using MSM include improved flexibility, boosted collagen production, and reduced joint inflammation.

As you know, MSM is a naturally occurring compound that is mostly delivered when rainfall takes place. As such, you can find them in many whole foods such as vegetables and fruits. But the quantity that comes with food is very low in standards because of the poor soil quality.

Hence, supplements are required by the body to fulfill the deficit and the best way is to use them as dietary intake. When they are inside the body, MSM gets metabolized to increase the overall sulfur levels in the body. Sulfur is an important compound for your body because it contributes to different types of bodily functions from hair growth to cell repair.

For people who use MSM orally, it helps them alleviate discomfort resulting from joint inflammation conditions such as osteoporosis and arthritis. Besides, it helps improve your digestive issues by repairing and rebuilding the digestive tract. Also, it helps reduce the allergic reaction of your body toward foods.


Because sulfur has been involved in a lot of processes inside your body, increasing its limit brings in plenty of health benefits. That way, MSM supplements can help a lot when it comes to improving acne symptoms.


When it comes to producing collagen throughout your body, sulfur has a big role to play. It is because of the collagen that you can have amazing skin. Collagen is a kind of amino acid that helps to strengthen more elastic, stronger, and good-toned skin.

In short, when you take MSM supplements, it will help boost collagen production and make your skin appear suppler and smooth. Moreover, MSM is the right kind of supplement that repair your skin and improves the overall look of scar tissues that you may have because of acne.


MSM supplements are trusted by many people when it comes to curing arthritis and other kinds of joint pain. That’s because MSMs have inflammation-reducing properties. Even in the past, MSM was used on racehorses to relieve them from inflammation in their muscles right after completing a race.

These days, it is used by plenty of people who are looking for an effective way to reduce inflammation of their joints. It might surprise you but one of the main reasons for having acne is chronic inflammation.

Hence, it makes complete sense to try MSM because it is the best solution when it is about reducing the itchiness and redness of inflamed skin. When you have less inflammation, cysts won’t be visible and there won’t be pimples. Moreover, it will prevent new ones from evolving.


When it comes to promoting healthy skin, Glutathione has a bigger role to play. It is an extremely potent antioxidant manufactured by the body. In general, people suffering from acne tend to have lower levels of Glutathione compared to an average person.

It means, increasing their levels should be the topmost priority for those people. The best thing about MSM supplements is that they can help a lot when it is to increasing Glutathione production in the body. And, they do that by significantly increasing the sulfur levels.

Several types of research have shown that sulfur is an important component used during the manufacturing process of Glutathione. Hence, using MSM to increase the amount of sulfur is the only way to provide your body with a booster dose of antioxidants.

When you have adequate amounts of antioxidants flowing throughout your body, it means the skin cells are less prone to getting inflamed or damaged because of cell oxidation that results from free radicals.


The body’s ability to create collagen increases when you use MSM supplements and there is no doubt about it. Collagen is an important ingredient found in the human body that provides structural support.

Besides, collagen is responsible for the resilience and flexibility of the skin tone to a great extent. Typically, the human body produces collagen in abundance naturally. However, when an individual is in their 20s and 30s, the production declines rapidly.

This is the reason why skin begins to sag and starts to wrinkle as people get older. But when you get a collagen boost from MSM supplements by using it regularly, you can retain youthful resilience for many years to come.

Because MSM helps restore collagen creation after it starts declining naturally in a normal human body, it is one of the best ingredients that you can include in your skincare routine.

As a result, it will help fight the aging signs right at the source and at the right time. When you use MSM from a tender age, it will help reduce signs of aging even before they start. Apart from that, increased collagen in your skin will help repair damaged skin tissues resulting from acne. As such, you don’t have to worry about facial scarring either.


When you use MSM in combination with proper cleansing, regular moisturizer, and gentle exfoliation, it can have a positive and dramatic effect when it comes to the smoothness of the skin tone. As a result, you will have tight skin with fewer wrinkles and less puffiness.

It means, your skin will appear younger and you don’t even have to invest in invasive treatments that are potentially dangerous and are quite expensive. So, if you are fighting acne or wrinkles and want to make your skin get rid of them, infuse MSM with your skincare regime and observe the results.


There are certain side effects when it comes to using MSM supplements. But when you take it at moderate amounts, MSM is completely safe. However, the standard dosage recommended for everyone is from 1.5 to 2 grams or 1500 to 2000 milligrams daily. Sometimes, even mega doses are considered safe. And, 6000 milligrams have been deemed safe.

But when you exceed the said limit, side effects are bound to come by. Some of the side effects include the following.

* Insomnia
* Fatigue
* Nausea
* Minor skin rashes
* Intestinal discomfort
* Ankle swelling

While a skin rash might be some sort of bad news, it appears that the risk is small. A study conducted by the State University of Oregon gave 12000 volunteers 2gm of MSM for six months. At the end of 6 months, none of the volunteers had experienced any kind of side effects.

Moreover, the results from the racehorses were staggering as well. MSM was administered to 30 racehorses and they didn’t any kind of adverse effects such as allergic reactions or diarrhea. What’s interesting is that they were back on track in less time and were fine enough.

However, there might be a certain amount of risk associated with a compound that is virtually identical to MSM. Typically, the human body produces MSM during DMSO metabolism. It has one less oxygen particle compared to MSM. That’s why MSM is referred to as the second DMSO occasionally.

Although both of them have the same structural similarities, DMSO is much riskier. Therefore, taking too much at one time can cause certain types of side effects. These include shortness of breath, allergic reactions, nasal congestion, itching, and reddening.

Advocates of MSM supplements propose that taking 500 milligrams of MSM per day is the best way to start. However, follow the exact dosage for a short period before increasing the dosage gradually. That way, the body will have enough time to adapt to the changes. This is a very wise strategy that you can follow if you are new to the world of MSM and want to avoid the side effects.


To have maximum impact, it is a good idea to directly apply the MSM paste to the skin. For that, you can buy creams or even make an MSM paste on your own. And, that will help you a lot if you are looking for a more targeted kind of relief.

But when you apply it directly to the skin, you may not experience most of the benefits discussed above. However, oral ingestion of the supplement in the form of tablets or powder is the most effective way to improve your acne. In addition, a dosage that ranges between 2 and 6 milligrams of MSM daily is considered safe for most people.

Still, it is recommended to choose a cautious approach and start with the low end of the said range. Because MSM is a naturally occurring compound, you shouldn’t worry about the side effects. Despite that, you should understand your tolerance level first and adjust the dosage accordingly.

Apart from that, if you are currently under some kind of blood-thinning medication, it is wise to avoid using MSM supplements. Even if you don’t have a similar situation, it is best to consult with a registered health care expert about dietary changes or adding a new supplement to your daily routine.


One of the features of MSM supplements is that they help limit the androgen hormones and help the skin to become more permeable. Androgen stimulates the skin glands to create more oil and they are increased by testosterone. Higher androgen levels result in higher sebum production.

And, the oil glands produce oil. As a result, it causes unwanted inflammation and infection. Also, it lowers skin cell permeability. Now, skin permeability refers to how your skin breathes. When the skin pores are clogged, it’s like a sponge where all the holes are filled with glue.

As such, water can’t enter or leave it with ease. While the body needs to produce oil, a considerable amount of the same has to leave as well. Because bacteria and other kinds of toxins can’t leave the body, it results in acne, blackheads, whiteheads, and cysts.


Because of the sulfur content in MSM and how they behave with the chemicals inside the body, MSM supplements have an impressive list of uses. However, when used locally, MSM has a remarkable effect on the skin.

People suffering from acute or chronic acne might benefit a lot when it comes to getting relieved from creams that contain this potent ingredient. The toxins that cause cysts, whiteheads, and blackheads have a better chance of getting released from the skin. Besides, acne scars are reduced drastically by improving collagen levels in the body.


MSM is one of the cheapest and greatest supplements that you can have to resolve acne issues. Also, it’s a fantastic supplement that you can have if the expensive Glutathione supplements are beyond your budget. With few risks and side effects, MSM supplements are gaining popularity as a one-stop solution from pains and aches to scars and aging skin.

Is Squalane Better Than Hyaluronic Acid? Plus Benefits For The Skin

Both hyaluronic acid and Squalane are used in several cosmetic products to deal with damaged or ageing skin. The main idea behind the use of these two ingredients in a cosmetic product is to product hydration to the skin and make it plump. These components are already present in the human body. Though the overall goal is to achieve healthier skin, both of these components serve a different purpose.

Ageing is inevitable. With age, your skin will tend to sag and wrinkles will appear simultaneously. But the process of ageing can be slowed down if a proper skincare routine is followed. Similarly other skincare issues can be resolved within a few months if proper skincare products are used religiously.


In the last few years, squalene has become very popular in the skincare world, as more and more brands are using it in their skincare products. Squalane is an effective plant-based competent that serves as a moisture building barrier and keeps the skin hydrated. There are chances that you have already used hyaluronic acid in several products. Squalane is relatively a new component in the market that has gained a lot of popularity.

Are you wondering which one is better? Well, both of them have a different set of functions but they offer the somewhat same type of benefits. Squalane is referred to as a poly-unsaturated liquid that is naturally present in the skin. While it serves more to build a moisture barrier in the skin and keep it hydrated, the hyaluronic acid typically pulls in water for hydrating the cells.


Therefore dermatologists suggest using a hyaluronic acid serum first on the skin and then topping it with a layer of Squalane serum. Therefore, in a nutshell, Squalane hydrates the skin and helps to maintain a protective barrier. It is also rich in antioxidants that help fight certain free radicals. Though Squalane is present in the skin, with age the production of Squalane reduces and this is when we need anti-ageing cosmetic skincare products which contain Squalane to reduce wrinkles and saggy skin caused due to ageing.

On the other hand, Hyaluronic acid is a sugar, clear substance which is naturally found in the human body. The primary function of hyaluronic acid is to hold moisture in the skin to keep the tissues and cells lubricated. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin plump and hydrated. Similar to Squalane, the production of hyaluronic acid in the skin decreases with age. A healthy diet can help you produce more hyaluronic acid even if you age.

Now hyaluronic acid is used in several skin care creams, serums and other moisturizing products. Unlike Squalane which goes well only with a few ingredients, Hyaluronic acid goes well with almost every skincare product. As a matter of fact, skincare products containing hyaluronic acid are more available in the market than Squalane containing products. As suggested by dermatologists, pairing the two ingredients that are used, hyaluronic acid product first and then applying a layer of Squalane product will work best for many skin types.


You might be wondering, what is so special about hyaluronic acid that has made this substance so popular in the skincare world. Here is the list of the top ten benefits achieved by hyaluronic acid:


Have you seen those advertisements where a glass of water is compared to a Hyaluronic acid serum? Well, it is not just a marketing gimmick. Hyaluronic acid is able to hold a thousand times its molecular weight in the water. It typically penetrates your skin & binds the water molecules to your skin cells. Thereby infusing the layers of skin with rejuvenating and valuable moisture. The best thing about hyaluronic acid serum is it can be used or paired with other skincare products as well without causing any irritation or side effects on the skin. Though this particular ingredient is self-sufficient to help you achieve fresh and glowing skin.


The skin’s primary function is to act as a protective layer for the body. Apart from protecting the internal organs and bones, the skin also protects the body from several harmful toxins that we encounter every day. As the skin ages, lipid barrier of the skin that traps in water slows down resulting in skin damage caused by toxins like environmental pollution, UV rays etc. Hyaluronic acid enhances your skin’s natural barrier and helps to lock moisture. Due to this protection, the damages resulting in fine lines, wrinkles or dark spots get reduced.


A humectant is nothing but a sponge-like substance that draws in & holds moister. It permits hydrogen bonding & attracts water. Some examples of humectants include glycerin, hexylene, sorbitol, butylene glycol and Hyaluronic acid. As hyaluronic acid infuses the epidermis with rejuvenating moisture, it acts as a great source of humectant for the skin.


If you are suffering from saggy skin, try using hyaluronic acid as it helps a lot to tighten up the skin. With age, elastin present in our skin starts breaking down. As a result, skin loosens up and becomes saggy. Hyaluronic acid will not replace the elastin but it can definitely make your skin look tighter and young. By filling the skin with an adequate amount of moisture, hyaluronic acid tightens your skin and improves the complexion of your skin. Try applying hyaluronic acid night serums to achieve a perfectly contoured tightened skin.


As the lipid barrier of the skin gets enhances by the hyaluronic acid, it becomes more able to protect the skin from toxic environmental pollutants, UV rays, etc. The lesser the toxins enter into your skin, the fresher and youthful your skin will look. Here’s a pro tip for you. The more preservatives used in skincare products the more your skin will get damaged due to loss of moisture. The best is to use products with a lesser number of ingredients. People who have acne-prone skin often tend to use products with a lot of harsh chemicals to wash off the excess oil. But the fact is people with acne-prone skin have a weak lipid barrier, as a result, the harsh chemical products applied to skin start irritating the skin and result in inflammation. Therefore people with sensitive skin is recommended to use the purest form of hyaluronic acid to get maximum benefits.


We all dream of a skin that is velvety smooth and glowing at the same time. Apart from making the skin tighter, it also helps to smoothen the skin texture. Well if your skin is already scarred due to acne breakouts, hyaluronic acid won’t be able to fill them, but if you use a hyaluronic acid serum with a derma roller, you will definitely achieve smoother skin with time.


In most anti-ageing products hyaluronic acid is used as an active ingredient. As it retains the skin’s moisture it reduces fine lines & wrinkles to a great extent. Well, all your wrinkles and fine lines won’t vanish instantly, but with regular usage, you will be able to see the difference in your skin. As the skin gets hydrated and protected it automatically will become plump and fresh. Also if you have wrinkles around the eyes, you can consider using a hyaluronic acid-based eye cream to get rid of those wrinkles.


Hyaluronic acid will not speed up the renewal of cells but it can definitely promote the regeneration of skin cells. The extra hydration 7 protective barrier created by hyaluronic acid leads to healthy cell regeneration leading to vibrant glowing skin.


With new cells growing faster, the dark spots and pigmentation on the skin start reducing. As hyaluronic acid promotes cell rejuvenation, it further helps to reduce pigmentations and dark spots. While it should be noted that only hyaluronic acid won’t do the job, you need to pair a good Vitamin C serum with your hyaluronic acid product to achieve maximum results.


There is a misconception that oily skin does not need hydration as it is already oily, but the reality is they do need hydration too. Acne-prone skin requires the right proportion of moisture balance to prevent excessive production of oil leading to clogged pores & breakouts. A pure hyaluronic acid serum balances the moisture in the skin and prevents excessive production of oil build-ups on the skin.


Here is the list of benefits of Squalane:


Same as hyaluronic acid, Squalane nurtures the skin by reducing wrinkles and fine lines. As a result, you will achieve a more youthful complexion with time.


Most Squalane products are pretty lightweight. Without feeling heavy on the skin, it keeps the skin supple, hydrated & luminous. As it is similar to the skin’s natural oil, it provides the right moisture balance without overdoing it.


Squalane never clogs your pores and therefore can work safely on acne-prone and sensitive skin as well.


If you are suffering from skin redness and inflammation and wondering which skin-care product to choose without hurting your skin, go for a pure Squalane containing moisturizer. Apart from hydrating your skin, it will soothe the skin thereby reducing irritation and redness. As you will apply a good quality Squalane product, you will notice a soothing effect on the skin.


As Squalane mimics the skin’s natural oil (sebum), it can control the skin’s natural oil. Anyone with oily skin can try using Squalane as it helps to reduce excessive oil production.


As Squalane has hydrating & antioxidant properties it helps to improve the skin’s texture, making it silky smooth. With repeated usage, it helps to reduce pores & dark spots or blemishes on the skin.


Every Squalane containing a product that is advertised in the market claims to be light and breathable. Despite acting as a moisturizer it does not feels heavy on the skin. Also, your skin feels breathable after application. Most people with oily skin tend to sweat a lot after applying a moisturizer. This will not happen with Squalane containing skincare products.


Redness caused by acne is one of the most common skin issues faced by sensitive skin or acne-prone skin people. Squalene’s antioxidant properties help to reduce redness and revitalize the skin tone.


These two ingredients are a match made in heaven and if used together can create a great difference on the skin. Both the ingredients can be used as hydrating agents on the skin and are good to work on different skin types. But specifically speaking, people with acne-prone skin or with too much redness and inflammation are recommended to use Squalane products as it reduces oil build without making the skin dry. Even if you have sunburns and rashes on your skin you can use Squalane skin-care products to heal the affected parts of the skin.

On, the other hand, if fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentations in your main concern you can try hyaluronic acid products as it strengthens the lipid barrier of the skin and helps to rejuvenate skin cells. Serums with a higher concentration of hyaluronic acid should be used to reduce fine lines & wrinkles.


Though both the ingredients serve somewhat similar functions, there is still little difference between them. Which one should you use solely depends on what your skin needs? Note that neither of these skin-care products is recommended to use as a single skin-care product. You should always use them underneath your regular moisturizer to help the product retain moisture.

There are multiple brands selling these skin-care products that contain hyaluronic acid & Squalane. Before purchasing you just need to check the number of ingredients used in the product!

Wish you a happy and glowing skin!

How Does Matcha Tea Help You Lose Weight

If you have been struggling with overweight and obesity for a long time, maybe you should rethink your strategy. And, stop looking at that cup of green tea sitting beside you. Typically, when it comes to losing body fat, most people focus on the food that they consume. But they tend to ignore the drinks.

When you drink plenty of sugary sodas, there are chances that you might be gaining a considerable amount of fat. Switching to Matcha tea can help you fulfill all your weight loss goals. Considered a traditional medicine, matcha tea has shown impressive results when it is burning calories.

Haven’t heard of matcha tea? This post will help you understand everything about this wonderful tea and how it can help you lose weight effectively.


Both matcha and green tea are derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. Matcha refers to the ground powder of green tea leaves, whereas green tea is the actual leaf. Moreover, you can drink matcha the same way you drink green tea.

However, there is a slight difference in application. The green tea leaves are steeped in hot water whereas matcha is added to the water and missed with a bamboo whisk. Also, you can use a milk frother as well. Although green tea is a popular drink enjoyed worldwide, they are produced in Japan and China.

On the other hand, matcha is associated with Japan. And, it has been used by people for many centuries as a ceremonial tea. The tea plants are kept under a tarp so that the sun’s exposure is less. Hence, when there is more shade and little sunlight, the intensity of chlorophyll increases.

This is why you find the green pigment in abundance. The matcha’s vibrant green color is because for this reason. Once harvested, the leaves are steamed and then dried. After that, they are sorted and ground into fine powder.


These days, most people are always looking for ways to improve their well-being through the natural procedure. If you have already tried green tea and are convinced about its benefits, you may love what matcha tea has to offer.


Your body has a detoxification process that works naturally to remove toxins from your system. The liver is the primary organ that acts as the first line of defense in the overall process. The toxic compounds are converted into harmless compounds.

They are released into the bloodstream and later excreted from your body. To function properly, the liver needs oxygen. Compared to other forms of tea, matcha contains higher levels of chlorophyll that helps carry more oxygen to organs and tissue.


Antioxidants are naturally-occurring substances that are found in all kinds of food and drinks. And, they include vegetables, fruits, tea, and coffee. Besides, when it comes to having better health, antioxidants help the body to oxidize effectively.

The free radicals cause damage to the body because of that. Antioxidants help prevent the body from creating more free radicals. As a result, the antioxidants help lower the risk of slow aging and chronic illness.


The best part about matcha is that it contains a special type of antioxidant called catechin EGCG in higher amounts. However, the same compound is found in green tea as well. The antioxidant has properties that might help your body fight against certain types of cancer. Apart from that, it discourages the growth of tumors.


When it is about increasing energy and strengthening your immunity, matcha does an impressive job. Besides, the antioxidants present in matcha help reduce triglyceride levels to a great extent.

Also, it helps lower bad cholesterol and reduces the chances of stroke and heart attack. Moreover, matcha tea help decreases blood glucose levels significantly. So, if you are suffering from diabetes, having matcha tea might be right for you.


There is no denying that everybody is looking for some sort of relaxation. But it a hard to unwind things when your mind is beyond your control. So, if you seek help in this aspect, matcha tea might work wonders for you. Matcha has an excellent source of L-theanine that help reduce your anxiety and stress levels.

As such, it promotes relaxation. Moreover, it helps improve dopamine production and serotonin under certain circumstances. Because of this, you feel better and your brain becomes free from worries. Other benefits include improved concentration and memory.


There is no question that matcha tea helps a lot when it comes to shedding stubborn body fats. Here is how matcha helps your body to lose weight.


When your body needs to regulate blood sugar levels and increase metabolism, certain hormones such as dopamine, adrenaline, norepinephrine, and cortisol have an important role to play. For example, cortisol is a stress hormone that breaks down carbohydrates and stimulates the production of insulin.

Therefore, if your body has more cortisol, it will resist insulin. That way, you will find it hard to lose weight. Several studies have shown that drinking matcha tea helps your body reduce cortisol levels. The antioxidants in matcha tea increase the levels of norepinephrine and dopamine.

These are the hormones responsible for controlling your appetite and mood. It means you will feel less hungry and stay energized throughout the day. As such, it helps you lose an extra pound without the need for pursuing unnecessary dieting.


Matcha tea contains a potent antioxidant called catechins that are found in both white and green tea. Studies have shown that catechins can boost metabolism by about 4%. Also, it boosts the body’s natural process of burning fat by up to 12%.


In general, a cup of matcha tea contains around 70 to 80 calories. Now, that’s much lower compared to a normal cup of coffee. As such, matcha tea is a great alternative for people who are following a low-carb diet while working on their weight.

If you like to avoid processed food while you are on a weight loss regime, having this wonderful drink can help reduce your sugar cravings.


The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition has revealed that green tea can help reduce obesity drastically. That’s because matcha tea contains catechins, L-theanine, EGCG, and caffeine. All these compounds have been effective when it comes to reducing body fat.

Also, they help to reduce your appetite, lower your cravings for junk food, and increase satiety levels. Moreover, the same study has shown that volunteers who took green tea with caffeine tend to lose more weight compared to those who received just caffeine.

Scientist believes that green tea extract increases thermogenesis with the help of catechins. But when you choose matcha, your body absorbs it fast compared to any other form of green tea. It means, you will get the benefits in no time and you don’t even have to drink it too often.


Not only does matcha increases your metabolism, but it provides you with enough energy needed throughout the day. Besides, a cup of matcha contains less amount of caffeine compared to a normal cup of coffee.

However, it has catechins and other types of nutrients. And, because of that, this drink provides you with steady energy that stays with you for several hours without making you feel tired or jittered.


It is common for your body to lose plenty of important nutrients such as potassium, sodium, and magnesium whenever you perform an activity or after a workout that will cause excessive sweating.

These nutrients are important for your body when it is to regulating muscle movement, heart rate, and regulating the right blood pressure levels. Hence, when you lack electrolytes in considerable amounts, you may experience fatigue. Also, you will experience amazing exercise performance.

In addition, matcha tea has magnesium that helps elevate energy levels and brings down muscle soreness to normalcy when you are having a rigorous workout at the gym.


To begin with, the catechins that you find in matcha tend to suppress an enzyme called lipase. However, when doing so, helps prevent the breaking down of stored fat inside your body.

Hence, when you get older, you will have less brown fat, which is a kind of ood’ fat that burns energy and help regulate weight. Besides, when the body doesn’t burn energy as it should have, it causes excessive weight gain and leads to obesity.


Several studies have shown that green tea extracts help people with different types of sleeping disorders. The studies show that L-theanine and EGCG work together to improve the quality of sleep by increasing the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) levels. It is a neurotransmitter that aids in relieving stress and promoting relaxation.

Having a good sleep can help you lose weight in different ways. When you sleep, your body releases HGH (human growth hormone) and it helps to burn fat cells effectively. Also, it suppresses your appetite by decreasing ghrelin levels and increasing the levels of leptin.


When it is to drinking matcha tea to reduce body weight, there is no best time and way to do that. With that being said, you can have it in the morning right after breakfast. You can even drink the tea anytime between lunch and dinner. However, to get better results, add matcha to hot water and stir until the contents are dissolved completely.

But don’t use boiling water to make the drink. Apart from that, you can use a milk frother if you are looking for a matcha latte. Also, you can add matcha to salads and smoothies. That will provide you with an added boost of flavor and will help you lose weight.

If you are planning to lose body fat fast, you should at least drink three cups every day. Keep in mind to have the drink thirty minutes before meals. As a result, it will help you lower your food cravings while increasing fat-burning abilities through EGCG.

Besides, to get the most out of matcha tea, you have to drink it fresh. It means you have to drink it immediately after you have prepared it. That’s because exposure to air for a long time will diminish the health benefits rapidly.

According to research, most effective antioxidants tend to disappear after thirty minutes of preparation. If you are using tea bags, make sure that you buy from a reputable brand. When you buy from them, the contents won’t contain any type of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde or sulfites.

These chemicals break down the effective components and affect the overall quality of the tea. Also, look out for matcha powder that has a vibrant green color because it proves that the quality is good.

When it is about storage, keep the powder in a dry and cool area and away from direct contact with the sunlight. Typically, when you leave the tin or tea bags open for a prolonged time, their quality will be ruined because of oxidation.


The caffeine content in matcha tea is the main side effect. Hence, drinking too much tea isn’t recommended. Moreover, it can trigger some undesirable side effects such as anxiety, restlessness, and insomnia in some people.

Breastfeeding and pregnant women should refrain from having matcha tea. That’s because it might have an impact on the unborn. In addition, if you are taking any kind of medication, it is wise to consult with a physician before consuming matcha or even increasing your intake.


There is no price for good health. Whether you are looking for speeding up your metabolism, feel better mentally, reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases, or lose weight, matcha tea is an excellent choice for improving your overall wellbeing. Besides, you can have it as a part of your balanced diet regime and maintain a physically active lifestyle.

Green Tea Benefits for PCOS

According to science, green tea is a PCOS-friendly beverage. Green tea is packed with a wide range of nutrients which are essential for decreasing the risk of heart disease and lowering androgens. Currently, numerous women are struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome and are unable to find a suitable solution to manage its symptoms. In addition, many women aren’t even aware that they’re suffering from PCOS. Scientifically, polycystic ovary syndrome is associated with various symptoms: black patches on the face, weight gain, excessive hair growth, acne, production of male hormones, such as testosterone, and irregular menstrual cycles.


The term green tea comes as a result of the natural green color of the leaf and the green tint of the beverage. It’s extracted from Camellia Sinensis plant species. Green tea leaves go through the steaming and roasting process before fermentation. The main reason for immediate processes is to prevent the oxidation process. Based on research, there’s an array of green tea: Sencha green tea, Gyokuru green tea, Hojicha green tea, Matcha green tea, Tencha green tea, Funmatsucha green tea, Kabusecha green tea, Agari or Konacha green tea, Fakumushi Sencha green tea, Kamairicha green tea, Karigane or Kukicha green tea, Shincha green tea, Bancha green tea, Lipton green tea, ceremonial green tea, and Genmaicha green tea.

Green tea offers a wide range of unique taste sensations, including full-bodied flavor, bitterness, and astringency. Also, it contains essential components that play a significant role in improving your overall health and well-being. Some of the crucial green tea components include saponins, potassium, manganese, vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B2, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, theanine, caffeine, catechins, fluorine, etc. Note that there are four types of catechins found in green tea: epigallocatechin gallate, epicatechin gallate, epigallocatechin, and epicatechin.


Polycystic ovary syndrome can also be termed as a polycystic ovarian syndrome. It’s a health problem that affects at least one woman in every ten women, especially during the childbearing age. Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome have metabolism problems and hormonal imbalances that might affect their physical appearance and overall health. Based on research, PCOS can cause irregular or missed menstrual periods. Note that irregular periods can cause the following:

– Development of cysts in your ovaries

– Inability to get pregnant or infertility

Based on statistics, 5% – 10% of women between the age group of 15 – 44 are suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. Most women will find out that they’re suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome during their early and late 20s. Note that all women are prone to PCOS irrespective of their ethnicities or races.


– Too much hair on the chin and face. In addition, hair might grow on parts that men’s hair usually grows. This problem is scientifically termed as hirsutism. According to statistics, hirsutism affects at least 70% of women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

– Irregular menstrual cycle: women with polycystic ovary syndrome have fewer periods or may miss periods. Mostly, you’ll have fewer than eight periods annually. On the other hand, women with PCOS may experience periods within 21 days or more often. In some serious cases, you may miss your periods completely.

– Darkening of skin, especially in the groin, along neck creases, and underneath breasts.

– Acne on the chest, upper back, and face

– Skin tags, particularly in the neck area and armpits

– Difficult losing weight or weight gain

– Hair loss on the scalp or thinning hair

– Male-pattern baldness

– Insulin resistance

– Enlarged multicystic ovaries


The exact cause of polycystic ovary syndrome isn’t known. Most medical practitioners think that various factors may contribute to PCOS. Below are factors that increase your risk of developing polycystic ovarian syndrome:

High levels of insulin

Insulin plays a significant role in converting food into energy. Insulin resistance is a situation whereby your body’s cells fail to respond to Insulin. This may result in high levels of insulin in the blood. According to research, most women with polycystic ovary syndrome have Insulin resistance, particularly those who are obese or overweight. In addition, if you have unhealthy eating habits and a history of type 2 diabetes, and you’re suffering from PCOS, you’ll have insulin resistance. In the long term, insulin resistance can cause type 2 diabetes.

High levels of androgens

Androgens can also be termed as male hormones. Androgen hormones play a vital role in the development of male traits, including male-pattern baldness. Based on science, women with polycystic ovary syndrome have more androgens than normal. High levels of androgen in women will prevent the release of ovaries during the menstrual cycle. In addition, these androgens cause acne and extra hair growth.

Therefore, PCOS may be caused by the interaction between environment and genetic factors. According to most medical practitioners, polycystic ovary syndrome runs in the family. The inherited PCOS shows up under various behavioral and environmental conditions, including lifestyle factors, diet, stress, and medications. There’s a wide range of severe health issues that are linked to polycystic ovary syndrome: sleep apnea, obesity, type 2 diabetes, high levels of unhealthy cholesterol, mood disorder, obesity, high blood pressure, and heart problems.


1. Decrease Androgen Levels

Green tea is essential in balancing hormones and reducing androgen levels for women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome. As previously mentioned, high levels of androgen cause the most common polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms, such as irregular periods, hirsutism, acne, anovulation, and hair loss. According to various studies, green tea reduces testosterone levels and androgen levels, especially after 12 weeks. Therefore, green tea is crucial in managing polycystic ovarian syndrome, particularly during the androgens-lowering effect.

2. Improved Insulin Resistance

Green tea is beneficial for women suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome because it has a positive effect on blood sugar regulation and insulin insensitivity. Based on multiple studies, high consumption of green tea plays a significant role in improving insulin insensitivity, decreasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, and reducing blood sugar levels. Green tea contains crucial antioxidants, such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is linked to insulin control and blood glucose. Based on science, insulin resistance is among the main causes of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Therefore, improving Insulin insensitivity and managing blood sugars are essential in managing polycystic ovarian syndrome symptoms. High levels of insulin in a woman’s body will disrupt hormones, thus making your ovaries overproduce male hormones (androgens).

3. Weight Loss

Inability to lose weight and weight gain are common characteristics of polycystic ovarian syndrome due to metabolic dysfunction and hormonal imbalance. Scientifically, green tea can increase metabolic rate; therefore, it’s maybe crucial for weight management. Some studies have shown that green tea is effective in reducing belly fat, including visceral fat. The presence of caffeine and high amounts of EGCG have a metabolic-boosting effect on women struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, green tea is low in calories; therefore, it’s a better beverage alternative, especially when compared to beverages such as fruit juices and soda. High consumption of green tea will suppress your appetite, especially if you’ve been experiencing uncontrollable hunger and constant cravings. If you’re suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome and you’re trying to meet your fitness goals, drinking green tea is more helpful. However, other factors, such as stress management, sufficient sleep, regular exercise, and diet, are crucial for weight management.

4. Reduces Ovarian Cysts

Originally, the name PCOS came as a result of multiple cysts on the ovaries. As previously stated, the presence of cysts is a common symptom of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Not all women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome will experience these symptoms, but most women will suffer from ovarian cysts. Some studies have shown that green tea reduces the number of small cysts if you’re struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, there are numerous ongoing procedures to prove this research.

5. Anti-inflammatory Effects

Green tea is rich in catechins (EGCG) which is a type of antioxidant or polyphenol linked to various health benefits. Based on science, green tea has strong anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties, which are not only crucial for preventing diseases and managing your overall health but also for managing symptoms of the polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). Since inflammation increases the severity and progression of polycystic ovary syndrome, a diet rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds is more effective. Therefore, green tea is beneficial because it contains these powerful nutrients.

6. Liver Support

The liver is a crucial organ of the body that’s responsible for various purposes. Some of the functions of the liver include improving digestion, filtration, protein synthesis, detoxification, metabolism, and storage of minerals and vitamins. Detoxification and hormonal regulation play a key role in managing hormonal health and polycystic ovary syndrome. PCOS patients should support their liver and overall health through lifestyle and dietary changes. In a number of studies, green tea has liver-protecting properties which prevent the accumulation of lipids in your liver. Therefore, green tea is crucial in supporting liver health and decreasing the risk of liver health issues in women with the polycystic ovarian syndrome.

7. Gut Health

In some studies, the gut microbiome can contribute to polycystic ovary syndrome. Green tea is rich in polyphenols which help in managing symptoms of PCOS by improving your gut health. According to various studies, polyphenols and antioxidants play a significant role in promoting the growth of microbiota ( good bacteria) and decreasing the growth of bad bacteria.

8. Decrease Stress

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome can increase their stress levels. Stress can worsen your symptoms of the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Drinking green tea lowers your cortisol levels, thus reducing your stress levels.

9. Improved Cholesterol Levels

Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome tend to have high LDL (bad cholesterol) and high triglycerides (TG). In addition, they have low HDL (good cholesterol). People suffering from PCOS are at a high risk of developing heart issues. Green tea can help in managing your cholesterol levels. Women with polycystic ovary syndrome should consume green tea regularly. Consumption of green tea reduces the risk of age-related increase in TC/HDL-C and TG/HDL-C ratios. In addition, it reduces HDL-C. Green tea is the most effective herbal or flowering tea, especially if you’re suffering from PCOS.

10. Reduce Anxiety

Green tea contains a compound known as L-theanine, which plays a significant role in reducing anxiety. This calming effect will give you peace of mind, thus reducing the severity of PCOS symptoms. In addition, green tea contains antioxidants which are suitable for reducing your stress and anxiety levels.


How much is green tea suitable for PCOS?

Different types of green tea have different effects on women with polycystic ovary syndrome. In addition, note that you can incorporate green tea in various forms and ways. Generally, women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome should drink 1 – 2 cups of matcha green tea or 3 – 5 cups of regular green tea. However, the recommended amount of green tea may differ from one individual to another due to personal reasons.

Is Lipton green tea ideal for PCOS?

Lipton green tea is a form of regular green tea; therefore, it’s great for women struggling with polycystic ovary syndrome. However, according to certain studies, ceremonial green tea might be more effective than Lipton green tea due to its high quality.

What’s the ideal time to drink green tea for PCOS?

Women suffering from polycystic ovary syndrome should drink green tea early in the morning and at least 6 hours before sleep time. This is essential because it helps you stick to your routine sleep schedule. In addition, green tea shouldn’t be consumed with other meals because it may cause absorption-inhibiting effects. This effect might be triggered because green tea contains tannins.


If you’re suffering from PCOS, try to mix PCOS-friendly herbs with green tea to obtain optimum results. In addition, you can either drink hot or cold green tea. There are other benefits of drinking green tea: it improves brain function, increases fat burning, reduces bad breath, prevents cardiovascular disease, lowers the risk of type 2 diabetes, etc.

Best Teas for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome With Descriptions

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a type of hormone imbalance that often affects women of childbearing age.

PCOS causes women to experience irregular or extended menstrual cycles or have excess production of male hormone, androgen.

This syndrome may result in the formation of many small follicles in the ovaries. They contain immature eggs that fail to come out on a regular basis.

Women with PCOS are at higher risk of developing serious complications like type 2 diabetes and heart disease. These could be prevented, though, with early detection and treatment.

PCOS can also cause women to develop hirsutism or too much hair growth on the chest, back and face. This symptom is the result of the ovaries or adrenal glands overproducing androgens.

Hirsute women usually suffer poorer self-esteem compared to women without hirsutism. In addition, the suppressive therapy for this condition is expensive, thus not many women can afford it.

Most of the time, PCOS is linked with profound insulin resistance, although stress can also be the main factor behind it. Another possible culprit is general inflammation that occurs in the body.

There are different diet and lifestyle changes women can adopt to address PCOS and its symptoms. However, it can be difficult to decide where to start.

One important thing to note is that for a hormone-balancing diet to work, you need to focus on an addition instead of subtraction mindset.

Therefore, if you want to cut sugar consumption, you shouldn’t say to yourself “from now on, I need to stop drinking afternoon coffee”. Instead, tell yourself that “a cup of afternoon tea everyday is all I need”. This way of thinking is expected to support your diet process and make it easier to follow.

But why drinking tea? Because it’s a healthy beverage to include in your daily routine when you have PCOS. Research has proven that various types of tea are good for improving PCOS symptoms. In this post, we have listed those teas so that you can choose one of them easily.

1. Green Tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest and most well-known beverages in the world. It has been used for centuries for healing purposes. Unsurprisingly, the drink is also found to be good for improving PCOS.

According to a study conducted in 2017, taking 500 mg of green tea extract two times a day for 12 weeks could reduce body fat, fasting insulin levels and free testosterone in obese women with PCOS.

There were also animal studies that confirmed the benefits of green tea extract when it comes to PCOS. In one instance, the tea could drastically decrease insulin resistance index and the body weight of rats with the syndrome.

Is it possible to consume 500 mg of green tea in two cups, though? Probably not. You would need a minimum of 64 oz (or 8 cups) daily to be on that level.

In total, the amount you would require to take is roughly 128 oz (or 16 cups) daily to achieve the therapeutic dose for human. And that’s not so realistic when you think about it.

The only reasonable way to reach that dose is by taking green tea and its extract supplement at the same time, which is doable for most people.

2. Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is known for its ability to calm nerves and reduce anxiety. It can help you wind down and relax. These effects are beneficial for women with PCOS, since they tend to be emotional at times.

As you probably know, negative emotions can have negative impacts on your health. This is where chamomile tea comes in, giving your body and mind the calming and relaxing effects they need during the period of your mood instability.

3. Peppermint Tea

Women with PCOS usually have an irregular cycle of periods or miss periods. Meanwhile, other signs of a normal menstruation like bloating and cramps in the lower abdomen will remain.

Peppermint packs soothing and purifying properties that can alleviate the aforementioned symptoms. It also has antioxidant and antibacterial properties to aid your digestive system.

4. Oolong Tea

Using Camellia Sinensis leaves as its ingredients, the oolong tea is packed with antioxidants, immune-supporting effects, antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Drinking this tea can bring many benefits to your body. It will allow you to get glowing skin, as well as less acne and pimples, which are a clear sign of PCOS.

5. Ginger Basil Tea

Basil has shown the ability to keep androgens under control, in addition to stabilizing insulin levels. As a strong antioxidant, ginger can help balance female hormones.

The spice is widely known for its anti-inflammatory effects and is often used to treat nausea. Ginger is also good for controlling cramps, headaches and rapid changes in mood.

6. Lavender Tea

Drinking lavender tea gives calming effects to your body and mind, as it keeps anxiety and depression at bay. It also promotes stress relief, good mood and quality sleep, in addition to easing abdominal discomfort related to PCOS.

Some women with PCOS may experience sleep disturbances and disorders. With lavender’s soothing effect, however, such issues can be dealt with effectively. The tea will make you relax and sleep better.

7. Spearmint Tea

When it comes to PCOS remedies, spearmint tea can be your great drink, especially when you’re having high testosterone levels and related symptoms such as hirsutism or unwelcomed hair growth on your body or face.

According to studies, spearmint tea can reduce levels of free testosterone in the bloodstream and boost estradiol, follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone in women with PCOS.

Thanks to its testosterone-inhibiting ability, spearmint tea can assist your body in bringing back the growth and development of ovarian follicles as well as stimulate ovulation.

If you experience hirsutism, increased testosterone, or ovulating problems, you can drink spearmint tea every day to help improve your condition.

In a one-month randomized control trial, 41 patients with PCOS were randomized to take either spearmint tea or a placebo herbal tea two times a day.

The results showed that those who drank spearmint tea saw a decrease in total testosterone levels during the course of the trial.

There was a different study that took place in 2007, which involves a number of hirsute women who drank spearmint tea twice a day for 5 days during the first half of their menstrual periods. It resulted in a drastic reduction of their free testosterone levels.

However, there was no serious decrease in total testosterone or dehydroepiandrostenedione-sulphate in the blood. More studies are necessary, since the ones already done were too short and involved insufficient number of samples.

8. Licorice Root Tea

Licorice root tea is a powerful herbal tea you can drink to improve PCOS. Research showed that several women aged between 22 and 26 saw a decrease in serum testosterone levels following an everyday intake of licorice for two menstrual periods.

However, their testosterone went back to the levels before treatment when they stopped taking the herb. High testosterone levels can bring about PCOS symptoms such as acne and hirsutism.

Another benefit of licorice is that it can help you increase cortisol levels or blood pressure, but you shouldn’t drink more than a cup of its tea daily since that would potentially cause high blood pressure.

9. White Peony Tea

White peony packs glycosides, which are made up of a carbohydrate and a nonglucidic compound. It also includes paeoniflorin, a compound known for its ability to low serum testosterone levels.

It converts testosterone into estrogen. In a study that involves 34 women with PCOS, a combination of white peony and licorice was put to test. The formula was called TJ-68, and it was consumed by the participants.

It managed to drastically reduce their serum testosterone levels. A different trial of 8 women with increased androgen also showed comparable results.

So, when you mix white peony and licorice, you get an amazing herbal tea with testosterone inhibiting ability that can help you decrease the effects of PCOS.

10. Nettle Tea

Nettle, sometimes also called urtica dioica or stinging nettle, is an effective herbal tea for relieving PCOS symptoms. It’s all thanks to its testosterone reducing, blood sugar lowering and anti-inflammatory properties.

This has been confirmed by a study on 40 women with high androgen levels. After drinking the tea, they saw a serious decrease in their unbound and total testosterone levels.

Nettle’s testosterone reducing effect allows it to cut androgen levels and treat PCOS-linked symptoms such as hirsutism, acne, and hair loss.

11. Dandelion Root Tea

Dandelion root is one of the most beneficial teas for the liver. It can improve many symptoms of PCOS by removing excessive accumulation of hormones in the liver.

By drinking dandelion root tea, you’re helping your liver detox itself properly. This effect makes the tea a great herbal for women with PCOS.

Since your liver constantly transforms and get rid of excess hormones from your body, if it can’t do the job as well as it should, it could potentially reabsorb and reprocess your hormones, which would lead to an increase in estrogen or testosterone.

12. Cinnamon Tea

Cinnamon tea is an excellent beverage for those who want to low their blood sugar levels. But more than that, it can also help women with PCOS.

If you have high insulin or blood sugar levels, cinnamon tea is the beverage you want to drink every day.

A study participated by 45 PCOS patients was conducted to compare cinnamon supplements to a placebo for half a year.

17 women who finished the study were found to have more frequent menstrual periods in the cinnamon group. In addition, serum progesterone levels across luteal phase confirmed ovulatory cycles.

In a different trial of 15 patients with PCOS, two random groups were formed, namely cinnamon and placebo. The former saw a drastic decrease in insulin resistance after 8 weeks.

More evidence has been found in a randomized controlled clinical trial that women who took cinnamon supplements had more frequent menstrual cycles.

Such supplements may also be a great option for those who want to treat PCOS. Cinnamon’s ability to improve the syndrome could as well affect insulin sensitivity in a positive way.

All in all, cinnamon is an exceptional herbal tea for women. It can boost fertility, improve PCOS, accelerate weight loss and regulate menstrual periods.

13. Chasteberry Tea

Chasteberry, also known as vitex, castus agnus, or chaste tree, is widely used to ease premenstrual symptoms, balance female hormones, and treat PCOS. The herb is available in two common forms: tea and capsules.

Chasteberry is believed to be able to restrain prolactin production in the anterior pituitary gland. Women with PCOS may have high prolactin levels, which can lead to infertility. They can also experience irregular periods and short cycles as the symptoms of low progesterone.

Drinking chasteberry tea can provide a fix to the above imbalances, thus regulating the cycle, induce ovulation, and boost progesterone.

14. Red Reishi Tea

Red Reishi has been used for generations as an adaptogen to improve the immune system and the body’s ability to fight stress.

Thanks to its anti-androgenic properties, the mushroom can help reduce androgens like testosterone, thus allowing it to relieve the symptoms that come along with PCOS.

In a study that tested the efficacy of mushrooms in inhibiting androgens, out of 19 species, reishi was found to be the most effective.

Red reishi has demonstrated the ability to lower the enzyme 5α-Reductase, which converts testosterone to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Elevated DHT levels are often linked with issues like hair loss and acne.


Various herbal tea options are available for women with PCOS. These teas can help minimize symptoms and bring hormones back into balance.

In this article, we have mentioned many tea variants that are good for PCOS. But since every body is different, it’s up to you to decide which one fits the bill.

In the end, you should remember that when you want to decrease testosterone, you should focus on normalizing blood sugar and reducing inflammation. That way you will be on the right track for healthy testosterone levels.

Best Natural Remedies for Sjogren’s Syndrome

Sjogren’s Syndrome is a chronic disorder in which the immune system attacks saliva and tear glands. As it is an autoimmune disorder, the immune system attacks the healthy cells and tissues and causes skin, lip, mouth, and eye dryness. You can manage the symptoms by following a healthy diet. However, some foods might aggravate the condition. When organic meat, omega-3 fatty acids, fruits, and vegetables are healthy foods, red meat, artificial sweeteners, high glycemic foods, and trans fats are detrimental.

The worst thing about this autoimmune disorder is that there is no permanent cure and the best part is that you can manage most of the symptoms at home. We will cover all the possible ways to reduce the symptoms of this autoimmune disorder We will discuss both healthy and unsupportive foods, and we will enable you to understand this condition more so that you can prepare yourself for all the challenges ahead.


As discussed earlier, it is an autoimmune disorder. Your immune system will cause this condition and lead to inflammation and dryness. You can experience this disorder when your tear glands, saliva glands, and other exocrine glands produce less saliva and tear. When there is less saliva and tear production, you will have dryness in your upper respiratory tract, nose, skin, eyes, vagina, and mouth. Systemic lupus erythematosus, primary biliary cholangitis, and rheumatoid arthritis make more susceptible to this condition. Yes, other autoimmune disorders will increase your risk.

Additionally, Sjogren’s has two types, primary and secondary. You can have the primary Sjogren’s without the autoimmune disorder, but the secondary condition can come alongside other issues. The symptoms of both types are the same, and the earliest and the most noticeable ones are dryness in your mouth and eyes.

Sjogren’s has no cure, and it can lead to severe complications without proper treatment. The objective of treatments is to manage symptoms and enable patients to live a quality life without being much affected by this autoimmune disorder.

You can get Sjogren’s at any age, but the risk is more after forty years, and women are more susceptible to this condition. More than ninety percent of patients are female, and some men can have this condition without being aware of it.


The symptoms will vary from person to person. However, the most common symptoms are dry and itchy eyes, dry and burning mouth, tooth decay and gum diseases, dry skin and rashes, and dry lips. Other symptoms are lung infections, difficulty in swallowing, and mouth sores. You might experience heartburn, dry cough, and dryness in the mouth. Every patient will not get the same symptoms, and some symptoms might resolve without any treatment.


Yes, some foods can reduce the symptoms of this disorder, and a few can worsen your condition. Therefore, you will have to be careful about your diet to manage inflammation and dryness. As discovered by studies, around ninety percent of patients experience gastrointestinal challenges, and they keep struggling since there is no cure for this condition. You can follow a healthy diet to minimize the impact. Here are some foods you can add to your diet while having this autoimmune disorder.

* ORGANIC MEAT: Organic meat has healthier fats, and you can go with grass-fed bison and beef to get more inflammatory properties. It is worth mentioning that Sjogren’s causes inflammation, and you can add some anti-inflammatory foods to your diet to manage symptoms naturally.
* OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS: You can get omega-3 fatty acids from olive oil, avocados, nuts, and fish. All of them have anti-inflammatory properties.
* COLORFUL FRUITS & VEGETABLES: You will have to add many colorful fruits and vegetables to your diet. Some of the best examples are green, orange, red, and yellow fruits. Also, they will have anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. All these will address inflammation and dryness.
* SPICES: Some spices, including turmeric and garlic, have anti-inflammatory properties. You can have them in your diet to reduce symptoms related to gastrointestinal issues.
* HIGH-FIBER: You can have some high fiber foods, including oats, quinoa, kidney beans, and lentils, in your diet. You will get the required amount of fiber and nutrients. Also, these foods can ease inflammation.

These foods can reduce symptoms of Sjogren’s, and you can experience fewer complications. However, some foods can affect negatively and worsen your conditions. Here are the things you need to avoid while suffering from this condition.

* TRANS FATS: Most fast and fried foods will have trans fats, and you need to avoid them in your diet. Trans fats will increase the risk of heart disease and worsen the symptoms of your autoimmune disorder. These fats will have noticeable inflammatory effects, and you will experience many health issues.
* RED MEAT: Red meat will have arachidonic acid, and it is a kind of fat with inflammatory properties. You will have to replace it with organic options. The grass-fed options will have healthy fats. As a result, you can expect anti-inflammatory benefits.
* HIGH GLYCEMIC FOODS: Some foods will have a high glycemic index that can spike blood sugar levels quickly. As a result, you can experience more inflammation from Sjogren’s.
* ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS: If you have this autoimmune disorder, you will have to avoid artificial sweeteners. They will trigger inflammation and cause pain and dryness. Therefore, you will have to limit yourself to natural sweeteners.
* DAIRY: Dairy products can cause inflammation in those having autoimmune disorders, including Sjogren’s. Lactose and saturated fat in dairy products can lead to inflammation.

Apart from a healthy diet, you can consider some natural remedies for Sjogren’s disorder. The benefit of natural remedies is that you will not experience any side effects. Also, you will find home remedies easy to follow and cost-effective. Here are the natural remedies you can consider for different symptoms of Sjogren’s disorder.


You can use organic coconut oil to heal itchy and dry eyes. The oil will moisturize your skin and treat the condition naturally. However, you will have to avoid rubbing your eyes since rubbing can scratch the cornea. You can add omega-3 fatty acid foods to your diet to treat eye dryness and itching. You can eat one tablespoon of cold-pressed, organic, and high-quality flaxseed oil every day and get relief from inflammation. Also, you can apply medical-grade fatty-acid oils to the itching area. Oils will prevent dryness and can help with immediate benefits.


You can have dry lips due to Sjogren’s Syndrome, and dry lips can cause discomfort and pain. The lack of saliva causes dry lips, and you can make a lavender lip balm to cure this condition. The solution is all-natural, and you can get immediate soothing relief. You can prepare your lip balm with shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, and lavender essential oil. Besides, you need a few steps to make your natural solution. Get a small pot and use it over medium-low heat. The heat will melt coconut oil, shea butter, and beeswax. Once melted, remove the mix from heat and add peppermint and lavender oil. Mix the ingredients properly and pour the homemade lip balm into a thick glass or metal container. Allow it to cool down, and you can use it for your dry lips.


As supported by research studies, cinnamon oil has excellent anti-candida properties, and it can be the best for candida infections. You can make it more effective by adding honey and lemon. You can add lemon, cinnamon oil, and honey to your tea and drink a couple of cups every day when the symptoms are persistent. While preparing tea, use warm water, not boiling water. Allow the lemon slice to sit in your tea for four to five minutes. Stir your tea, remove the lemon slice, and add six to eight drops of cinnamon oil and one teaspoon of raw honey.


You might have realized that smoke and wind aggravate the symptoms of Sjogren’s disorder. However, you can avoid those spaces and use a humidifier at your workplace and home. It will help to maintain indoor moisture. Moreover, you will have to limit your exposure to the screen since screen exposure can cause eye dryness and itching. The symptoms will be more when you will have Sjogren’s disorder. Clean your eyelids regularly and wear sunglasses while exploring outside.


According to study reports, aromatherapy can improve skin health, reduce fatigue, and address sleep issues. You can use some essential oil in your humidifier to get this benefit. While using oil for improved sleep, you can consider lavender. However, you can use rose oil and lemon oil for your skin health. Most of these oils will boost your mood and mental clarity. You can combine a few when looking for more benefits.


You will have to sip water whenever possible to maintain moisture inside your mouth. This simple step can be helpful for a dry mouth and similar conditions. Moreover, you can avoid acidic foods and beverages, including coffee, sports drinks, alcohol, and colas. All these are harmful to your mouth and can aggravate dry mouth symptoms. Acidic foods can be detrimental to your oral health and can harm enamel. However, you can consider moist foods, including soups, to preserve your saliva. You can sip beef bone broth throughout the day to maintain moisture inside the mouth. These steps will improve your GERD symptoms, relieve inflammation, and support healthy joints and skin.


A dry mouth can impact your oral health and lead to other complications. It will damage your gums and tooth enamel, and you can develop gum diseases and cavities. You will have to maintain good oral hygiene to prevent such conditions. Moreover, you can practice coconut oil pulling to detoxify your mouth. You can do oil pulling every day to maximize the benefits. This simple practice can treat and prevent tooth decay, reduce inflammation, kill bad breath, and cure throat and mouth dryness.


As stated earlier, the diet will have a determining role, and you can minimize the impact with a healthy diet. You can increase the consumption of omega-3 fatty acid foods and fight inflammation and dryness naturally. As supported by study reports, omega-3 fatty acids can improve mood, reduce muscle and joint pain, and boost heart health. While having Sjogren’s syndrome, you can add ground flaxseeds, natto, walnut, and wild-caught salmon to your diet.


You will have to increase your Vitamin C intake to 1,000 milligrams. Vitamin C and healthy fatty acids together can reduce the symptoms of this condition. They can improve dry mouth and dry eyes in patients.


According to a study report, vitamin D deficiency in Sjogren’s syndrome patients can increase the risk of some diseases, including lymphoma and neuropathy. Both these conditions are life-threatening, and you will have to prevent them by adding an adequate amount of vitamin D to your diet. Some vitamin D-rich foods are mackerel, salmon, and wild halibut. Also, you can have plenty of direct sunlight every day.


There is no cure for Sjogren’s, but you can improve the quality of your life with a few simple and natural steps. Make sure that you are following a healthy diet, and this is a must if you want to avoid complications. Otherwise, you might have cavities, vision problems, neuropathy, lymphoma, and cornea damage. A few patients get lymphoma, and you will have to be careful to avoid such a deadly complication. If you notice any abnormal swelling in your neck, face, and underarm glands, evaluate it by a doctor immediately. Early treatment will prevent further complications and reduce medical costs as well.

Use natural eye drops and lip balms, and you can prepare a tea with cinnamon oil, honey, and lemon. Also, sip water throughout the day and use a humidifier in your room. Increase the intake of omega-3 fatty acid foods, vitamin C, and D. A few simple steps will improve the quality of your life.

Benefits of Using Aloe Vera for Skin Redness

Skin redness is a common issue among many individuals. This condition affects the face and other body parts, causing inflammation, itchiness, burns, and rashes. Skin redness becomes severe and may lead to the feeling of uncomfortable, ugly appearance and pain. Thus, choosing the right treatment therapy to control or eliminate them will be appropriate to alleviate these symptoms.

Experts recommend aloe vera as a better alternative to over-the-counter drugs. The plant-based therapy has numerous natural antifungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an effective remedy. You can consider aloe vera products or gel from fresh and succulent leaves when using this treatment therapy. The article below outlines the benefits of using aloe vera for skin redness.

1. Aloe Vera has Natural Anti-inflammatory Properties

This plant’s leaf has numerous anti-inflammatory properties to help control your skin’s redness. The anti-inflammatory properties help soothe or treat various rashes that may result in skin redness. Skin rashes may result from multiple things, like allergies and unsafe products.

Controlling rashes and other conditions will be an appropriate solution for mild to severe skin redness. Experts recommend that you need to use the right aloe vera products to enjoy the anti-inflammatory benefits. Notably, the gel and products have more potent and natural anti-inflammatory properties than the chemical ones.

2. Has Fewer Side Effects

Manufacturers produce various over-the-counter drugs and products to help solve multiple body layer issues. Despite the success, these products and medications come with numerous side effects on your body. Some studies and surveys reveal that various products increase the severity of your condition or have long-term side effects.

Experts advise that you consider using aloe vera products as a safe and effective option. This therapy comes with few chemicals, as the natural properties and components provide relief. Using the natural properties to enhance the skin redness relief makes it the appropriate alternative with fewer side effects.

3. It’s a Cheaper Alternative

Treating skin conditions is usually costly because the body requires adequate or enough sophisticated therapies and products. The cost of purchasing these products or attending the therapies is generally high. Choosing the Aloe vera treatment is a cost-effective benefit with numerous benefits and optimal results.

Most vendors offer these products a cheaper treatment option than the other manufactured products. Additionally, you can use the natural Aloe vera plants and extract the gel from the succulent leaves to remedy your skin redness. Despite the lower purchase cost, you don’t have to spend a lot of resources to control the side effects.

4. Moisturises the Skin

Aloe has succulent stems and stems that you can use in various ways to treat or control different tegument issues. The plant is rich in water content, which it stores in the succulent leaves and stems. Its high water content makes it the better option to enhance your skin moisture level. You can use the gel extract from the leaves and stem from alleviating your different conditions.

The high moisture level keeps your body and skin parts moist, as they retain a lot of moisture after you use them on the skin. Having moist skin is an effective way of treating, controlling skin redness, and keeping the skin looking young, smooth, or youthful. Apart from keeping the body layer free from various conditions, it enhances the proper functioning of the cells.

5. Offers Antioxidant Properties

Environmental stressors can be a leading cause of different skin issues such as redness, itchiness, rashes, etc. Many studies or remedies to control or prevent various environmental stressors from affecting your body layer have been in vain. Nonetheless, aloe has developed into one of the top remedies for controlling or preventing the redness of your dermis.

The plant comes with high levels of plant-based nutrients and polyphenols. These properties are essential to help mitigate or control the spread of skin redness, as they act as antioxidants. Antioxidants from plants or natural sources effectively protect your body or cuticle from different environmental stressors.

6. Reduces Dark Spots

After finishing various treatments for your skin conditions, like itchiness, redness, and many others, dark spots are common. Aloes are essential for treating the redness of your different body part layers. They help you reduce or eliminate the dark spots after recovering from the illness or condition.

When using the plant’s gel as a treatment therapy for your conditions, it’ll be essential to understand that it’s an effective way to reduce your skin’s darkening. Apply the gel directly on the spots or areas with rashes or redness popping up to prevent the ugly appearance and enhance a lasting solution.

7. Offers a Gentle and Soothing Relief

Treating and controlling your skin redness might be uncomfortable and tiresome. You have to apply some harsh products with various chemicals and properties to enhance your healing. The absorption and functioning of the products result in too much pain and uncomfortable feeling.

Nevertheless, using the aloe gel will be the right choice for a comfortable healing process. The products and components offer soothing and gentle relief to your various cuticle issues. You don’t have to suffer the pain of endurance moments when applying this gel to your different affected areas.

8. Reduces Signs of Ageing

Experts reveal that rashes and irritation that result in redness are the leading causes of aging. These conditions may result in wrinkles and old lines on the different body layers. When offering the appropriate therapy or remedy for aging, using aloes gel or product will offer the best solution to reduce the signs of aging.

The plant-based gel has various components, like high-moisture content and other properties. These components and properties help nourish your skin, minimize fine-looking lines, and prevent wrinkles. These benefits leave your body free from aging and enhance a pretty and plump-looking skin.

9. Enhances Exfoliation

Experts reveal that over-exfoliation can result in your dermis becoming itchy and reddening later. Exfoliation is common when treating or controlling various tegument conditions using different therapies. The treatment leaves behind dead cells that make the skin unattractive and may result in pain.

Removing the dead skin may result in redness or itchiness, as you may overdo the removal process. Nonetheless, using aloe gel will effectively prevent itchiness, redness, and rashes on your body. The gel offers a natural exfoliation ability to eliminate all the dead epidermis leaving your body refreshed, revitalized, and renewed.

10. Helps Clean Your Skin

Cleaning your skin is an effective way to keep you from adverse effects of various factors (environmental or biological) that might lead to different adverse conditions. Regularly cleaning the skin’s layers with water and shampoo or appropriate soap might not offer optimal results.

Using plant-based products like aloe offers the proper way to leave your body sparkling clean and free from adverse environmental factors. These products have numerous natural properties that help create an accurate and clean dermis. The proper use of these products will effectively make the suitable base to enhance appropriate nutrient absorption and leave your body healthy and glowing.

11. Reduces Infections and Acne

Acne and infections are one of the leading causes of reddening of your cuticle. Choosing the plant-based aloe vera gel will effectively control these issues with the numerous solutions available. The plant has countless antimicrobial properties to help treat pimples and other infections with fewer side effects on your body layer.

Many individuals and experts are using these plant-based products as antiseptics to protect the skin and body against bacteria that may cause infections. Besides the antiseptic and antimicrobial properties, the plants contain gibbelirrins and polysaccharides. The components play a vital role in stimulating the growth of new cells simultaneously. This growth is essential in reducing the redness and inflammation of the body layer.

12. Enhances Sunburn Repairs

Sunburn might be harmful to your tegument, as it can cause reddening, itchiness, or rashes. It’s usually challenging to keep yourself away from the sun’s rays as you continue with your daily tasks. Nonetheless, it’ll be effective to choose the appropriate products to help you repair or prevent the issues resulting from sunburns.

Aloes offers the most effective and cheaper alternative to repair your sunburns. The gel has various anti-inflammatory and cooling properties that enhance this remedy or solution. The natural treatment improves the health of the skin’s protective layer and helps it retain moisture to prevent further burns.

13. Offers an Appropriate Treatment for Mild Burns

Apart from sunburns, other burns, such as blisters, peeling, etc., may cause various skin issues. The appropriate way to reduce the severity of the overall irritation, redness, and itchiness is by administering multiple drugs to treat these mild burns. Nonetheless, the drugs have chemicals that might cause adverse side effects after the treatment.

Experts recommend that you apply the appropriate amount of aloe gel to help reduce the adverse effects of these mild chemical or heat burns on your body layer. After using the gel, you realize significant changes after a few days to alleviate the severity of these burns and the effects.

14. Controls Rosacea

When dealing with skin redness, Rosacea is a vital issue you must control to enhance proper control and treatment. Experts reveal it’s a significant cause of reddening body layers, especially around the facial regions. Despite the numerous researches and studies, medical experts are yet to find the proper treatment for the conditions.

Thus, experts advise that you choose the appropriate natural remedies and lifestyle preventive measures. Aloes vera offers one of the most effective and reliable preventative home remedies or preventive measures for Rosacea. After getting the right products or extracting the gel from the plant’s leaves, you can apply it during flare-ups to relieve burning and redness.

15. Has a Higher Success Rate

When choosing the appropriate therapies for your different body layer issues, it’s vital to consider various issues, like the cost, success rate, etc. The success rate of your therapy or remedy is a crucial issue you need to consider when choosing the appropriate treatment for different conditions. The remedy you choose must offer a high success rate and come with little to no side effects.

Choosing the aloe gel or product will be effective as it offers various sophisticated and natural properties to alleviate different conditions. The numerous properties and components enhance a high success rate when using it to treat the burning, itchiness, and reddening of your body layer. Furthermore, being chemical-free, the product or gel offers relevant results with mild side effects.

16. Provides Appropriate Remedy for Allergies

Exposure to different weather and biological and environmental factors can result in various allergies. The allergies might result in skin issues like eczema, itchiness, and redding. Aloe vera might be the appropriate solution to help you treat the different allergies or mitigate the factors resulting in allergies.

This plant’s stems and leaves have huge quantities of allergens and other anti-inflammatory components. These components play an integral role in treating or controlling the different allergy issues. Therefore, applying the gel or aloe-based products to the skins helps provide a lasting solution to the itchiness and reddening.

17. Controls Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a condition where the skin accumulates excess cells. The cell accumulation results in inflammation irritation and later causes the reddening of the affected area. Experts advise that the right way to control or provide temporary relief to the accumulation of cells on the body layer is by applying appropriate aloe creams or gel. Using the get regularly helps enhance your cuticle’s improvement and alleviates the conditions that result in skin reddening.

Wrapping Up

Skin issues such as itchiness, irritation, and reddening affect the proper functioning of the skin, as they result in pain and feeling uncomfortable. Choosing the appropriate remedy or treatment for the conditions has been daunting as numerous options are available. Experts recommend using aloe vera gel or products when treating or controlling this condition.

The plant-based gel or cream has various antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cooling, and anti-viral properties to help provide optimal relief to these conditions. The above are the top benefits of using aloe products to provide remedies for skin reddening. Nonetheless, choosing the right products, proper application, and correct dosage will enhance optimal results with little to no side effects.

13 Great Books About Herbs for Healing

Using herbs for healing has been an activity that has become so popular over the last few years thanks to all of the included benefits that both the organism and body receive. However, this is a field where knowledge is important for achieving good results, and it is also important to know that you do not want to mess with these herbs by any means as consuming the wrong choice could be potentially harmful. Remember that while they are known as “healing” herbs, this does not mean that all of them are safe for consumption.

That is why instead of wasting a lot of money and resources on getting overpriced knowledge, you should rely on your reading skills. One of the worst things about herbal medicine is the fact that while it might look appealing at first, many get overwhelmed by the insanely large amount of numbers of knowledge that must be studied to avoid causing issues in the future. That is why the next article lists the 13 GREAT BOOKS ABOUT HERBS FOR HEALING to make sure that you find the best available resources to start getting into this world as soon as possible.


The great thing about these books is the fact that even when you could consider yourself an advanced herbalist, they will prove to be an interesting lecture as it covers everything with a unique approach without making anyone feel disrupted by the massive amount of knowledge and information that is being displayed. These books will be discussed by explaining the pros, cons, and also the recommended audience that could benefit most from the lecture.


This is indeed the ultimate beginner’s guide for medicinal herbs as there is so much valuable information packed in this thing. Luckily, the author has a unique way of expressing her thoughts, meaning that it will not matter how little you understand about the topic, thanks to the unique approach, everything can be understood without too much problem.

Beginners will benefit the most from this reading as the traditional, energetic and even mystic side of this world will be discussed throughout the book without changing the subject. Also, the visuals prove to be more than enough to satisfy the reader by providing enough visual explanations and examples to learn more about herbalism.

Finally, it is worth noting that it is easy to find many formulas and recipes to use on a regular basis as well as many common herbs that will be discussed and explained to see how vastly open the herbalism world is when compared to other things.


Sometimes you do not desire an encyclopedia, instead, you look for a more practical and quick-reference approach that can be consulted whenever you have any doubt on your mind. This resource proves to be just like that as it is perfectly set up to be an all-in-one book for those who are looking for medical self-sufficiency.

Many strategies for dealing with numerous illnesses and injuries can be found across this resource, and there are surely a lot of things in there that will make this an excellent read. However, this is not just an herb book, in fact, it covers other topics like essential oiling and reflexology for those who are interested in those fields as well.

Thanks to its brief yet interesting content, this is something that could be considered an interesting acquisition for beginner and intermediate individuals. While it might come with multiple disciplines, you can not just have a lot of things explained deeply, and sadly, this is proven with this book as there could be more explanations about certain things. But that does not make it worse by any means.


Practical, well-written, and easy to read, that is everything that a book should provide to its readers. Luckily, the herbs world has a resource that shares those conditions, and it is called The HomeGrown Herbalist, a practical approach to standard herbal preparations with some good tips and tricks that could be useful for the experience.

It is good for starters who tend to fall into common pitfalls. This will correct many of your mistakes without using complicated and unorthodox language or words that could make everything a mess.

Coming with a little bit of everything, it is good reading for beginners and intermediates. However, keep in mind that it is easy to lose track of the read due to the lack of depth in certain parts, but that was a required sacrifice in order to fit all the content into a single resource.


The first resource of this list was also made by the same author, the main difference this time is the fact that this book is targeted at intermediate and advanced herbalists who require information that goes beyond traditional resources. This time, there will be more detailed formulas and explanations as it is expected that the reader already has the required knowledge to understand the language used for everything in this world.

In formulas alone, there will be more than enough content to enjoy for a very long time. However, that is not all as it is possible to find more things about health and beauty issues that could be caused for not following directions properly. The only addressable problem could be the rare layout that was chosen.


Considering the fact that the cover of this book insinuates the fact that it should be considered a coffee table book, this resource sure surprises a lot of readers in the very first pages. There are a lot of pretty pictures that not only are engaging but also informative enough as it presents a lot of herbs in a basic approach.

It is loved by many individuals as they even tend to come back to get more information about certain herbs. Every single profile discusses things like habitat, cultivation process, and related species. Also, there might be a little bit about key actions, common uses, and selected preparations with doses.


This time, you will find a science-based resource that not only deals with infectious agents but also will prove to be a refreshing and practical reading thanks to the fact that the author addresses the issues with the modern medical system with infectious agents and how several herbs can help in many situations.

Surely, this proves to be regular reading for those who are looking for details about the spiritual or energetic aspects of herbalism. It is possible to find profiles of several herbs that discuss which bacteria and viruses they can deal with best. Even though beginners can benefit from this resource, it is heavily recommended that only intermediates and advanced individuals consider acquiring it.


Another scientifical approach, but this time, the resource is as good as it sounds and since it includes more than 1000 pages of content, everything comes together into a magnificent masterpiece. It definitely spends a lot of time covering the plant chemistry side and that is a good thing as it will detail differences between common compounds and also help determine what their presence indicates.

It is severely guarded and geared toward conventional and scientific approaches to make all readers happy and eager to learn more even when they finish the book. It is recommended for those who consider themselves advanced herbalists.


This resource is only for those who are really committed to herbalism as every information will be well-researched and written for advanced individuals of this unique world. Everything will be discussed in-depth and without leaving any piece of information behind, making it a trustworthy resource to keep around even after finishing it.

Divided into 3 sections, it will cover everything about herbalism, basic principles, and optimizing safety. The next section focuses more on applications and how the body develops certain diseases and dysfunctions that can be cured or treated with herbs. The last section offers material that goes into properties and research that surrounds at least 50 herbs


Sometimes, authors tend to forget that many herbalists require medicinal herbs to treat injuries or illnesses that are caused in areas that do not have access to a decent medical system. However, this book delivers in that sense as it carefully deals with unpleasant situations just like snakebites.

It discusses multiple methods and how a victim feels during a troublesome and shocking experience like the one that the author encountered. Luckily with the correct usage of herbs, it is possible to survive wild experiences like the ones explained in the book. It will be a guide on how to fight fears, and doubts to put all of your focus into learning more about herbalism in case you ever face a similar situation.

Thanks to the unique approach and tone of writing, this book is recommended for all kinds of public, even for those who do not desire to learn anything about medicinal herbs at all, making it a true gem for readers across the world.


A good identification guide for those who desire to learn more about the “front-end” of herbalism which focuses on finding plants in the wild, something wonderful and entertaining to do. However, in order to perform such a task, it is important to have the correct amount of knowledge to avoid causing any self-harm.

Luckily this only provides detailed entries on numerous species, relying on full-color pictures combined with tips to make the reader understand what kinds of plants can be used and how they should be used. Overall, a good resource for practically everyone.


Practical and approachable, that is what this book tries to do and it surely succeeds in doing it. This resource offers a lot of information on multiple herbal preparation methods and everything about the existent variations that could be made from similar sources. Since everything is written in a friendly and easy-to-follow tone, it is surely a good read for practically everyone.

Finding anything about the desired plant is possible thanks to the existence of this handbook, and also you will learn more from here when you are someone who wants to discover more about self-made medicine.


It is practically filled with tons of charisma and personality to the point that even when it is a herbalism book, it is something that everyone can follow. Everything about the philosophy of herbal medicine is discussed and also the author dives into 7 different herbs, and do not forget about the herbal pharmacy section that can be found at the end of the reading.

Overall, it is a good read for those who desire to have extra knowledge about certain herbs, and while only 7 are discussed, you will not be able to find more information about them anywhere else. It will prove to be a stylized, wonderful, and refreshing read.


To close the list, this book is what every beginner should read if he/she is interested in herbalism and the medicinal values of certain plants. It will be a source of self-care and wellness, making it a refreshing reading in many ways. More than 30 medicinal plants will be discussed, and readers will obtain great knowledge from the cited resources and explanations. A good place to start even when you do not feel too encouraged by medicinal herbs yet.