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Anthemis nobilis Chamomile has been used throughout history as a cure-all for many ailments. It can be used as a medicinal plant because of its sedative, spasmolytic, anti-inflammatory, mild astringent, and wound healing benefits. It binds to the same receptors as benzodiazepines and has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and mild sedative effects. 

Medicinal Uses

The dry flowers are typically used to extract medicinal ingredients. The flowers of chamomile contain 1–2% volatile oils including alpha-bisabolol, alpha-bisabolol oxides A & B, and matricin (usually converted to chamazulene and other flavonoids which possess anti-inflammatory and antiphlogistic properties. 

Sleep Disturbances

The sedative effects of Chamomile can promote sleep in many people when consumed as a tea. It may also help with nightmares. 

Other medicinal plants with similar benefits are Valerian Root and Mullein

Mental Health

Chamomile when consumed as an herbal tea may help reduce stress and anxiety in some people. It binds to the same receptors as benzodiazepines and has anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) and mild sedative effects.

Digestive Health

Chamomile has some medicinal benefits in helping with GERD, indigestion, IBS, diarrhea, stomach cramps, and other stomach issues. 

Skin Care

When applied topically, chamomile can be used for mild skin irritation. It helps reduce swelling from abscesses, such as acne. In traditional medicine, it is used for eczema, cruises, burns, diaper rash, cracked nipples, chicken pox, and poison ivy. 

Other Medicinal Uses

Canker sores, bacterial infections on the skin and in the mouth, conjunctivitis, gout, neuralgia, sciatica, rheumatic pain, hemorrhoids, mastitis, colic, croup, fevers, arthritis, back pain, bedsores, 

Potential Side Effects

Rare reports of allergic reactions. Ragweed allergy is a contraindication. If you are allergic to ragweed, then avoid chamomile. It is considered safe by the FDA with no known adverse effects in pregnancy, lactation, or childhood. 

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