How to Create a Meditation Space at Home

Tips for creating a calming place for meditation in your home

Meditation is a way to escape the stresses of daily life and recharge your energy.

Setting up a meditation space at home will encourage you to regularly practice your meditation and make it a habit.

With a few simple steps you can transform just about any space at home into a calming and serene place for meditation.

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Create a meditation space at home

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation not only benefits the mind but also the body as well.

Studies on meditation have showed that it is helpful for reducing stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, seizures and irritable bowel syndrome. [1]

Meditation can also improve cognition, memory, concentration and reduce the risk of dementia. [2]

Many people report feeling more positive, calm and happy after meditating.

I feel much more relaxed and better able to cope with stress when I meditate regularly, even if it’s only for 10 to 15 minutes each time.

Creating a Meditation Space at Home

The ideal place to create your meditation space is a quiet room or corner of the house where you can relax and be alone.

Turn off your mobile phone, computer and TV, so there are no distractions.

Soft, calming music can help you to relax and go deeper into your meditation and music can reduce distractions from outside noise like traffic or noisy neighbors.

You can also create a meditation space in your garden or backyard. If you have trees or a water fountain nearby that’s a bonus.

Decorating Your Meditation Space

Choose a few items that bring you calmness and serenity. Some basics include a small table, a rug, a blanket in case you get cold and maybe a plant or some flowers.

Here are a few other items you can use in your meditation space at home:

Meditation cushion

A meditation cushion can help to support your spine and pelvis while you’re sitting.

Mala Beads

A mala is a string of beads that are used during meditation to help you count mantras. Malas can be made from crystals, rudraksha seeds or sandalwood.

Singing Bowls

A singing bowl can help to lead you into a meditative state. Concentrating on the sound as it becomes quieter and quieter is a great way to begin your meditation.

Essential oils

Calming essential oils can help with relaxation. Some of the best essential oils for meditation include:

Lavender – one of the most well-known calming essential oils.

Chamomile – helps to promote inner peace and decreases overthinking, anxiety and worry.

Frankincense – helps to deepen meditation and quiet the mind.


A candle can be used as a focal point. It can be calming just to watch the flame flicker.

Candles scented with essential oils can help to promote a calming atmosphere in your meditation space.


You can place crystals around your meditation space or hold them in your hand to enhance your meditation. Some of the best crystals for meditation include:

Clear Quartz – helps with clarity, focus and amplifies the energy of other crystals. Clear Quartz can also be programmed with your meditative intention.

Black Tourmaline – shields and protects you from negative energy.

Amethyst – helps to relieve stress, anxiety and deepens your meditation.

Selenite – releases negativity and helps to clear your mind and relax your body.

Do you have any other ideas for creating a meditation space at home? Let me know in the comments below.

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How to create a meditation space or meditation room at home

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  1. I love the idea of creating a space like this. Stress can take all the fun out of life, and it can even make you ill. Having a meditation space can really help you keep the stress to a minimum.

  2. These are some great ideas on creating a meditation space. I always use a yoga mat for meditation with soothing music. Perhaps next time I will try to hold a crystal to focus.

  3. What a great guide, on how to make space for meditation. I love the meditation cushions, they look super comfortable.

  4. I love to meditate! It calms me and help me think better. I hope I can meditate again later.

  5. I don’t need to really create a space. As long as I have some peace and quiet, any space in my house can be my area to zone out!

  6. Love these ideas of creating meditation space! Singing bowl sounds good. It will help in my meditation in a greater way. Thanks for these information!

  7. I really want to do this!! I love to meditate but my space is missing a lot of these! I have crystals and candles but I never thought to add them to my space!

  8. I totally agree that we all need a space. Mine is my bedroom, for my boyfriend it’s the basement. When we moved in we created the entire space for him, it’s pretty cool. I really love those mala beads, so pretty.

  9. Finding and maintaining a nice quiet space to meditate is a great way to stay healthy. I am adopting these ideas!

  10. This is very helpful to free up a space at home for meditation so that you no longer have to go to the yoga hub or gym just to relax. Thanks for sharing!

  11. We don’t have a meditation space at home, but I do enjoy some quiet time for myself, to relax and reflect. It is usually around 4 am when I get up and the entire house is quiet. I just bask in the stillness of the early morning and watch the sunrise. Very invigorating for me.

  12. Wow, this stuff seems so great for meditation.. I need this in my home..! I want a good meditation..

  13. Love this list. I have been wanting to create a dedicated space for meditation but haven’t known where to start. I love the products you mentioned too. Awesome list!

  14. That sounds like a great idea, for one to have a meditation space. I don’t have that in my home but that space for me is my library or play area with my kids, my own space to relax.

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