I’m Kelly Martin, the founder of Natural Health Maven and I’m so happy that you’ve found your way to my blog.

I’m a qualified Naturopath and Nutritionist and I write about natural treatments for common health conditions.

As a lifelong anxiety sufferer, I know how debilitating this condition can be – the racing thoughts, tightness in the chest, sweaty palms and the constant dread of something bad happening. It’s not something you’d wish on anyone.

In my naturopathic clinic, I’ve worked with many clients seeking natural treatment options for anxiety.

I use a holistic approach that incorporates eating well, improving stress management, calming the nervous system, normalising the stress response, supporting adrenal function and improving sleep.

The tools I use include specific foods, nutritional supplements, herbs, essential oils and Bach flower remedies, along with techniques such as meditation, mindfulness and visualisation, which I’ll share with you in my eBook.

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