5 Great Smoothie Recipes for PCOS

Smoothies for PCOS are a refreshing way to reduce symptoms of polycystic ovary syndrome. Getting the right macronutrients can help reduce pain, increase energy, and reduce inflammation.  

Having a refreshing meal or snack will help refresh during hot afternoons. Smoothies are a popular snack and meal you can take during the hot weather. Despite offering a refreshing character, smoothies are also nutritious and have numerous health benefits. Most smoothies come with multiple carbs, calories, and sugar for your body.

However, some smoothies are unsuitable for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) individuals. It’s a common hormonal disorder affecting the ovaries of most women at their childbearing age. The condition causes a change in the menstrual cycle, making it irregular. The enormous portions of fruit juice and fruit containing more than 60 grams of carbs and over 500 calories cause insulin and blood spikes.

Experts advise you against taking these recipes when suffering from insulin resistance, diabetes, or PCOS. However, you can have various ideas and ways to build healthy smoothies that suit your condition. Check out the best smoothies for PCOS. 

What is a Smoothie?

Smoothie is a unique drink you make by pureeing vegetables or fruits in a blender to obtain a juice or suspension. Most smoothies have a liquid base that consists of various constituents like diary products or fruit juice. You can make the liquid base using yogurts, milk, cottage cheese, ice cream, etc. It’ll be wise to consider natural and unprocessed additional products for the meal.

Furthermore, you can also include non-dairy milk products, whey powder, chocolate, vinegar, sweetener (natural sugar or honey), and other nutritional supplements. Smoothies come in different types and categories with varying constituents to suit various things. Green, fruit, healthy, weight loss, and dessert smoothies are the common smoothie types and categories to suit different goals.

green smoothies for PCOS

What are the Health Concerns of Using Smoothies When Having PCOS?

Before making your smoothie or having the components, it’ll be essential to understand the health concern of using this snack or meal. Experts advise that the smoothie and its components should favor your condition when suffering from PCOS to prevent adverse side effects.

Research reveals that most PCOS women have low-grade inflammation and insulin resistance. Taking specific smoothie recipes will worsen the conditions, as most smoothies have high sugar content resulting from fruits and juice. Furthermore, ladies with this condition have complained of gut bacteria alteration upon using this meal or snack.

Lastly, taking this meal has brought a significant toll on most ladies’ weight, resulting in more weight gain. These health concerns make smoothies unsuitable for ladies suffering from PCOS. Nonetheless, with some modifications and additions, you can make the meal suitable for PCOS conditions and come with fewer side effects.

How To Make Smoothie for PCOS

Choosing a PCOS-friendly smoothie plays a key role in promoting your health and maintaining fertility. 

  • Increasing the protein and fat levels, as the food contents have essential macronutrients. The macronutrients enhance energy and satiety without spiking your glucose levels.
  • Including ingredients that contain high micronutrients, gut-loving fiber, and antioxidants will be an effective option. These ingredients include non-starchy spices, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and spices.
  • Minimize the sugar levels and content in the snack. Experts advise that you consider using PCOS-friendly such as coconut products and whole fruits instead of fruits and juices. Juice and fruits increase the sugar levels in the smoothie, making it unsuitable for ladies with PCOS.
  • Avoid including milk, whey protein powder, and other dairy products when preparing your meal. These products have chemicals and components that may increase inflammation.
  • Always include fresh and natural products or foods to gain optimal results. These foods are free from additives and chemicals that make them unsuitable for your PCOS needs.

banana smoothies for PCOS

Healthy and Appropriate Smoothie Recipes For PCOS

With the harmful nature of this meal or snack, having some modifications and adjustments is key to making smoothies suitable when having PCOS. Experts advise that the right trick to build a good smoothie for PCOS is adding more healthy fiber, protein, and fat by reducing fruit juice and fruit levels.

These modifications lower the meal’s glycemic effect and enhance the feeling of being full for a long time. Having more fruit will improve your sweetness, have a protein or fat for fiber, and be a suitable vegetable to increase the nutrition value when making the changes. Furthermore, it enhances the nutrient level in the meal or snack. Below are great smoothie recipes you can consider when having PCOS:


Having a protein smoothie is appropriate for making it suitable for you when having PCOS. You can adjust or modify the meal by adding more protein while preparing. The protein source will play an integral role in keeping you full for a longer time and fueling your muscles. Nevertheless, it’ll be wise to choose a healthy and nutritious alternative when choosing a good protein source.

For instance, most individuals prefer having yogurt, especially the non-dairy Greek and plain yogurt, for smoothie preparations. You can also choose another type of non-dairy yogurt that suits your needs, as long as they offer natural additives. Choosing Greek Yoghurt will be appropriate as it contains more nutritional protein components than most non-dairy yogurts.

Nonetheless, it’ll be imperative to avoid including a sweetening yogurt when enhancing the protein levels. The sweetening yogurt will increase sweetness and spike blood sugar levels. Protein powder is also another viable option you can choose to enhance the protein levels in the meal. Notably, pick the suitable plant-based protein powder or whey to ensure you make the smoothie safe and suitable for your consumption.

Lastly, nut butter also provides the best alternative to adding more protein into your smoothie to keep it safe and appropriate for you when having a PCOS condition. You can consider almond, cashew, peanut, and any other natural nut butter that suits your preferences. Besides making your smooth-friendly for consumption, proteins also make the appropriate source of fiber in the meal.


When making your smoothie, fruits are essential constituents. These foods are the primary source of carbohydrates and provide you with fiber, energy, vitamins, and minerals. You can also use the natural fruit as an appropriate source of flavor and disease-fighting phytonutrients for your diet. Therefore, this food constituent will be a perfect addition to your snack or meal to enhance its suitability when having PCOS.

Experts recommend that having an additional cup of fruit in your smoothie will be vital to preventing the adverse side effects of the snack or meal when having PCOS. Alternatively, you can consider having any frozen or fresh fruit that meets your preferences. When adding a cup of natural fruit to your meal, keeping the amounts proportional will be imperative to enhance a proper balance.

Berries will make an appropriate option when looking for the right fruit to add to the smoothie to make it PCOS-friendly. Natural and fresh berries come with many antioxidants and high fiber properties. You can combine half a cup of frozen bananas and berries to achieve optimal results when making the snack friendly for your needs. It’ll be good to consider natural and healthy fruit components when adding fruit content to your meal.

nut butter smoothie for PCOS


Fats play a significant role in making high-quality smoothies. Adding healthy fats to the meal or snack is vital to make your smoothies satiating and creamy. However, it’ll be good to choose the right type and appropriate composition to enhance the quality, creamy and satiating smoothies.

Apart from making the smoothie creamy, including fats in the snack slows the rate of carbohydrate digestion. The reduction of carbohydrate digestion by the body is essential to enhance a feeling of being full for a long duration. It’s also a proper way of maintaining or having regular and steady blood glucose levels.

Nevertheless, it’ll be good to keep tabs on the fat portions you add to the snack. Including more fat calories in your smoothies will adversely affect your weight, increasing your weight gains during the course. Furthermore, it’ll be wise to choose natural sources as they’re an effective and healthy option.

Nut butter will be a viable alternative for your needs when adding fat contents to the snack. You can consider almonds, natural peanuts, pumpkin, coconut, and any other natural butter that suits your preferences. However, choosing natural and unprocessed fats will be vital to preventing adverse effects like high cholesterol levels when selecting the fats.

You can also consider having avocado fat in your smoothie. Experts recommend avocado fat as the perfect option for PCOS smoothies as it comes with numerous heart-healthy fats. Besides the heart-healthy fats in the avocado, you can use them to source fiber and nutrients. Avocado fats come with more than 20 proven minerals and fruits for your different health goals.


Incorporating fiber in your snake is the appropriate way to make it PCOS-friendly. Fiber plays a vital role in the snack to enhance blood sugar fluctuation. The rising and falling of the blood sugar enhance the feeling of being full for a longer time. Besides the feeling of being full, having this food constituent is appropriate for cultivating a healthy and functional gut microbiome.

Furthermore, fiber comes in different categories and types, and some play a crucial role in lowering your cholesterol levels. Many experts refer to it as a super nutrient and constituent for your PCOS smoothies. Importantly, it’ll be wise to choose the appropriate and healthy fiber to include in your smoothie to enhance its nutrient value and achieve numerous body advantages.

When choosing the best fiber option, flax, chia, or hemp seeds are appropriate. Besides the high fiber content, these seeds are proper sources of a plant-based omega 3 fat called alpha-linolenic acid. The acid has proportional protein and fat content that plays a crucial role in decreasing your body inflammation and also makes you stay full for a longer time. Lastly, adding flax seeds comes with appropriate components to lower your androgens.

Alternatively, experts reveal that Psyllium husk can be a great source of fiber, and you can also use it to lower your bad cholesterol levels. Oat bran, wheat bran, and Glucomannan powder can also be a great addition to enhance the smoothie’s fiber content. Many individuals prefer Glucomannan powder for the medical benefits of the gut. Adding one teaspoon to your smoothie will be appropriate to enjoy the medical and fiber benefits.

Greens and Other Natural Veggies

Enhancing greens and other additional natural veggies are a great option when looking for an appropriate PCOS smoothie. This food component provides high levels of minerals essential for the functionality and effectiveness of your different body systems. These minerals and nutrients include iron, magnesium, folate, fiber, potassium, calcium, and Vitamin A and K.

The high magnesium content in the smoothie makes it PCOS-friendly, as it helps to decrease insulin resistance. The mineral also plays a crucial role in managing insulin levels and controlling diabetes. Experts advise that you consider the suitable sources of minerals to achieve sources of the mineral to enjoy the numerous benefits and nutritional value they offer when having the snacks or while preparing them.

Experts reveal that leafy vegetables and greens are the appropriate options for your mineral needs. For instance, when preparing this snack, you can consider incorporating kales, spinach, carrots, cauliflower, zucchini, and additional greens of your choice. Besides making it PCOS-friendly, having a veggie-rich snack comes with various health benefits. This snack will boost your immunity and provide other health advantages, like maintaining your insulin levels.

Bottom Line

Smoothies are essential meals or snacks to enhance weight loss, fight aging symptoms, boost immunity, and many other benefits. However, the constituents and preparation make them unsuitable for women with PCOS. Experts recommend particular alternative recipes with various modifications and additions to make them PCOS friendly.

Consider adding more veggies, fiber, fats, fruits, and protein to make the snack PCOS friendly. Start adding frozen ingredients or ice to the blender and later greens or other veggies when creating the snack. Lastly, have softer ingredients, like fruit, on the top, and finish with powders or seeds before the process. PCOS-friendly smoothies come with numerous health benefits.

Try green tea for PCOS and other great teas for PCOS. 

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