5 Best Herbs for Hyperthyroidism (Overactive thyroid)

Natural treatments for Hyperthyroidism

Herbal remedies can be very effective for calming down an overactive thyroid and reducing the symptoms of hyperthyroidism such as agitation, restlessness, sweating and insomnia.

In this article I’ve compiled a list of the 5 best herbs for hyperthyroidism.

Important Note: Herbs can be helpful for reducing hyperthyroid symptoms but they’re not a cure for hyperthyroidism. Please talk to your doctor about treatment options for hyperthyroidism.

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Herbs for hyperthyroidism

What is the thyroid?

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the front of the neck, just below the Adam’s apple.

Two of the thyroid’s main roles are controlling the metabolism and regulating body temperature.

Thyroid hormones

The thyroid produces the hormones T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine). T4 is mostly inactive until it is converted to T3.

When the level of thyroid hormones falls too low, the pituitary gland produces Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH), which stimulates the thyroid gland to produce more hormones.

Hyperthyroidism is a condition where the thyroid produces excessive amounts of thyroid hormones which leads to a higher than normal body temperature and increased metabolism, leading to weight loss.

What causes Hyperthyroidism?

The most common type of hyperthyroidism is Grave’s Disease, an autoimmune condition where the body makes an antibody that causes the thyroid gland to make too much thyroid hormone.

Hyperthyroidism can also be caused by a nodular goiter, which is a lump in the thyroid gland that can cause the thyroid to produce high amounts of thyroid hormones. [1]

Thyroiditis can be caused by a viral infection which can temporarily cause symptoms of hyperthyroidism.

Herbal supplements

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) symptoms:

  • hyperactivity
  • anxiety
  • agitation
  • restlessness
  • tremor
  • sweating  
  • insomnia
  • feeling hot all the time
  • weight loss
  • diarrhea  
  • protruding eyes

Hyperthyroidism is sometimes incorrectly diagnosed as anxiety or bipolar disorder.

Thyroid Tests

If you’d like to check your thyroid status without needing to see a doctor, you can order a thyroid test online from Walk-In Lab.

Then all you need to do is visit a local lab at a time that suits you and your results will be available online within one to two days.

There’s an extensive range of thyroid tests available but the two I recommend are Thyroid #2 Essential Blood Test Panel which includes Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) plus T3 and T4.

If you already know that your T4 level is high, the Thyroxine (T4), Thyroxine Binding Globulin (TBG) and T4-TBG Index Blood Test can determine if high T4 is due to hyperthyroidism.

See the thyroid tests available here.

Benefits of Herbal Remedies for Hyperthyroid Conditions:

Herbs can help to:

  • Reduce thyroid nodules and goitres
  • Balance thyroid hormone production
  • Inhibit conversion of T4 to T3
  • Reduce high blood pressure and headaches associated with hyperthyroidism

5 Best Herbs for Hyperthyroidism

Prunella is an herb that is helpful for clearing nodules, reducing thyroid enlargement (goitre), hypertension, headaches and dizziness.

Bugleweed is an herb that inhibits T4 production, which in turn reduces T3 levels.

Lemon Balm is an herb that can inhibit the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to the active thyroid hormone, triiodothyronine (T3)

Rehmannia is an herb used in traditional Chinese medicine for conditions including heat and irritability

Motherwort helps to reduce tachycardia (high heart rate) and heart palpitations.

Herbs for hyperthyroidism

Herb Pharm Thyroid Calming Extract contains Bugleweed, Motherwort, Cactus and Lemon Balm to balance the thyroid and endocrine system and reduce the symptoms of hyperthyroidism naturally

It’s a good idea to discuss any nutritional supplements or herbal remedies for hyperthyroidism with your healthcare provider because some supplements and herbs can interact with prescription medications.

Have you tried any herbs for hyperthyroidism? Let me know in the comments below.

Natural treatment for hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid)

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  3. Lemon Balm seems like a great herb for hyperthyroidism. This is the first time I have heard about it.

  4. These sound like great herbs for helping to support your thyroid function if you have hyperthyroidism. I’d much rather do this than take a pill if possible.

  5. I am sending your article to my aunt who was recently diagnosed with hyperthyroidism. I’d love for her to take the herbal route instead of the medications she is on (with doctor’s consent of course).

  6. I’d rather use or recommend these herbs first if I ever encounter someone with hyperthyroidism. But if it doesn’t work that much then it’s better to get checked and get a doctor’s prescription. Didn’t know some of those could help, learned something new.

  7. That’s interesting to see what it could be misdiagnosed as too. My mom is wondering if she has thyroid issues and is going to make an appointment with her physician to see.

  8. This is a great article! As I have hypothyroid, I’d love to read an article on some things that I can use to help deal with that. 🙂

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  13. This is very interesting as I like to use natural herbs whenever possible. I also consult with my GP to make sure there are no contraindications.

  14. These herbs feature a multitude of medicinal uses, thanks to their extraordinarily diverse vitamin content.

  15. HI Kelly,
    Thankyou for the info, and interesting web.
    This is what I ‘m looking for.. I do not believe in modern meds. do not take any pills for my hyperthyroid and goiter, and very hyper!!
    My hair is baby hair, growing very slow, and most problem, on back of my head and the top off I’m loosing !!!
    I need a herb to calm (showdown) my thyroid hormone!!

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  17. i love Thyroid calming. My thryoid went from non functioning to functioning normal because of it. I am so glad i found this herbal 2.5 years ago.

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